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June 16th 2006
Published: July 10th 2006
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Amy taking no chances!Amy taking no chances!Amy taking no chances!

She did take it off to sleep though thank goodness.
We got to the night boat that would take us from Ko Tao to Surrat Thani at 8pm where we were given (what we thought...) our seat number. we soon realised that it was in fact our bed number! The boat consisted of a depth of about 5ft in height with two rows of mattreses. We found our allocated spot, even though we were wider than the space provided. The boat was filled up and was to say the least a tight squeeze and was a touch claustrophobic. After 10 mins of leaving port the waves got bigger and bigger. It was a lot rougher than anticipated.
An hour into the journey the lights were turned off and people were starting to settle down. I tried to hold it in but i desperately needed the loo. I had watched others making their way through the assult course to the toilet - trying not to stand on anyone whilst keeping their balance. I had no choice so as carefully as i could i walked over people gripping onto a tiny strip of wood above my head, to keep my balance. by the time i reached the back of the boat the sweat
On the boat before it filled up.On the boat before it filled up.On the boat before it filled up.

That's filled up with people - not water!
was pouring out of me. i then had to climb down the ladder to the deck below, there were no railings on the back of the lower deck, so if you lost your footing you would be swimming the rest of the way. just when i though the worst was over, i opened the toilet door, the stale stench of pee hit me first and then i saw the squat toilet- Great! How is a girl suppoosed to use one of these when the boat was moving so roughly? well when you have got to go, you gotta go and i managed it just about! When i got back to my space on the matress, i vowed not to drink another drop of liquid until i got to the port. I wasn't going to put myself through that ordeal again. I found that the motion of the boat and by sleeping on my tummy i soon fell asleep. I woke at 4:30am, this was the first time ever that i had ever slept on public transport! We pulled into the port at 5am, where we were taken back to the crappy restaurant that we were dumped at before going to
On the boat after it was filled up.On the boat after it was filled up.On the boat after it was filled up.

Ollie was no. 20, look how close he was to no 19!
Ko Samui, again we had a 2 hour wait - great!! Next stop Patong Beach in Phuket.....


10th July 2006

Safety Safety Safety
Amy so gald your days in the Safety team came in handy and you are wearing your life jacket. Missing you Luv Tinaxxxx

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