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March 24th 2005
Published: March 24th 2005
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Cape Jeda GangCape Jeda GangCape Jeda Gang

The long tail boat in the corner is a taxi service to the main pier to all parts of the island.
Ko Tao is an island known for its wonderful scuba diving, I'm no exception, I start my open water dives on Sunday. The island was not populated until 1933 when it was used as a political prison. It stayed that way until 1947 when the prisoners were given a pardon and people moved to the island by staking out land as their own. Getting around the island isn't difficult but for the stay dog lying in the middle of the road, glad I got the insurance adder because traffic laws do not exist. 21 km2, the best way is to rent a scooter which runs 150B a day, less than 4 dollars. Electricity is on for around 18 hours per day and if the fan turns off while you are sleeping it can be a real bummer. The main industry is diving, over 40 dive shops which can be a little maddening trying to pick one out. The price is fixed for all shops with a PADI open water cert running about 220 US. I'm told that only certain places in South American are cheaper. Since I'm planning to dive in several more spots I will probably do the advanced course

This is looking over freedom beach on the south end of the island
as well. The night life has been perfect, what it should be like here. Very relaxed spots with oil lamps and mellow music and strong Thai beer, with the moon very full, it's easy to lose track of time, I've been making it home at 2 or 3 every morning. Afternoon naps have been great to escape the heat. The average cost of rooms with showers and fans is 300B or 7.90 a night, and meals around 1.00 to 1.50. Makes it hard to leave, I'll be here another week if I do the Advanced Diving course.

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Nearly Full MoonNearly Full Moon
Nearly Full Moon

This was taken on a 15 second shutter stacked on two beer cans, so its a little shaky but still a nice shot
View from bungalowView from bungalow
View from bungalow

A short walk to the bar will get you great mango pancakes.

26th March 2005

I can´t believe I missed you by just a few weeks! Try to get around to the other islands...they are just as beautiful. Wish I could be there with you now. I am in Munich; just left a biergärten and it´s chilly! - Jenny
28th March 2005

Soooo jealous...
Hey Sean-- Didn't realize you had left! Don't worry, my friends had the same problem with the tuk tuk...you're not alone. And they got taken allll over the city. Anyway let me know when you're heading to NZ and Oz and I'll get you some recommendations. Have a great time! Jessie - Jessie Magenheimer
31st March 2005

Not worried about a thing...
S- How beautiful these places are already..AND getting advanced scuba training? You dont waste any time! Just be careful of the big full moon, strong thai beer, and HOT fish..can be a bad combo. Did you ever get some of the prawn? That market kinda reminds me of the first season of road rules when they had to eat monkey heads..did you see any of those? Megs - Megan Haines

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