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July 25th 2008
Published: February 2nd 2013
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So i got to the train after killing time getting passport photos for my India visa and chatting for a while to barry a cool irish guy staying at my guesthouse.

The train as per anything in thailand it was running to schedule and unlike the vietnam sleepers it was pull out beds and not proper beds and more expensive than vietnam aswell, i killed time reading my book and at one stop we had to get a new engine unit for the train as the engine had stopped. I eventually necked a vallium and had a not to bad sleep.

Eventually we arrived at bangkok and the train was only an hour late and i shared a tuk tuk with a couple from canada and then went to the same agency as i used for my cambodia visa and put my passport in for my India visa.

I shopped around on prices for an open water diving course and ended up doing it with the same agency as i did my visa with and i got some flip flops and new shades and chilled out and bumped into the finnish guys from my first trip to bangkok on this trip and also read my book and got a new one and chatted to a cool en glish guy rob who is thinking of settling in new zealand.

In the evening i met some other folk and chatted and waited for the bus and slept okish and then a ferry over to koh tao.

First day i had to wait till 1.30 for the course to start and it was all videos and theory it took alot not to fall asleep and met a nice german girl who was in the same accommodation as me.

next day i had to move room and also was up early to start the session, in my group was a danish couple, an austrian guy and german guy and isabel the german girl and we spent 5 hours in the pool and passed all elements and we were all knackered.

Then theory and exams in the afternoon and i passed the theory 100 percent and afterwards isabel, me and the danish couple went and had dinner and cahtted and the danish couple went home and me qnd isabel went and grabbed a beer and hijacked some free internet and then headed back to sleep.

This morning is an 11am start and my bodyclock got me up at 6am lol, had a large breakkie to keep my energy up for my first two open water dives.

The first dives went well and were a mixture of excitement at what i was seeing and doing and nerves at breathing underwater, all went well and we all passed with flying colours and me,isabel and signe and jacob went for dinner together and then the next day was a 7am start, it seemed like an ok day as no rain or wind at the time, but the boat started out and the weather chamged and me and the two jacobs and rainer were feeling seasick and the first dive was down to 17 mtrs and wemt without incident and the coming up to the surface i nearly got flattned by a boat being thrown about by the waves abd then we moved for a our second dive of the day and we all passed with flying colours and were really proud of ourselves and we had a few drinks that night.

The next day me jacob and signe got tickets back to bangkok and isabel was on an earlier ferry and we wished her well, I had what i suspected was a sting or a bite which had formed a lump and was causing discomfort, back in bangkok i went sperate ways from signe and jacob and slept a while and went to a doctors and he confirmed it was a n abcess and i had some celutious aswell and said i needed to go tot hospital and get the abcess cut out.

I had a local anasthetic and i still felt the pain and the bill was about 130 pounds and now im trying to get my insurers to deal with this bill and a further follow up appointment as otherwise im going to be skint before i fly out of bangkok and then i could be screwed.

I met sonny and pai from the long boat from laos along soi rambuttruti so that was at least some good news.

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