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July 21st 2008
Published: February 2nd 2013
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So after my last blog i headed back and re-distributed stuff into my rucksack and daysack ready for the next mornings trek, i didnt have the greatest sleep but well i dont i have ever had a proper nights sleep on this trip and i think once im back in a routine and not moving always that ill slip back into a normal sleep routine.

i was showered and around to Eagle House guest house 1 before the, so i put my vauables in the safe and secured the rest of my stuff with my pacsafe and proceeded to have some breakie and wait on the trek guide and id managed to get through another few pages in my book before he arrived and i met the first couple on the trip, ruddi and danella from germany and then we drove over to eagle house two and picked up william and myrtle a couple i had met the other day in chiang mai, are guide introduced himself and he was Doh and seemed like a nice enough chap, we first stopped at a market were i brought some fruit and william and myrtle brought ponchos, i decided id possibly be ok with my umbrella i got in hong kong instead of wasting money on a ponch i might use once.

After the market we headed out to the a waterfall which was cool and then we were driven further out and had lunch at a roadside cafe and then driven further to were we started our trek and it was very slippery and i had on my sanadals but i managed well enough and we all had a bamboo trekking pole, the scenery was amazing and we all chatted and got to know each other and myrtle is fillipino and moved to the states when she was young and worked in ecuador and met william and married him and now they both live in phoneix.

we arrived at our first hill tribe village and we all sweating as it had been a steep hike up and slipperry down and the people in the village were tha karen tribe and were friendly and welcoming and we had some bananas there and also spotted a baby monkey there which was cool. After a break we then headed for our next village and we hiked uphill for some time and got to the top and the views were great and we got spy in the distance the village we had left, Doh our guide pointed stuff out and chatted and also was carrying our food for our trek so he had a heavy pack.

We then headed for the next village and again it was karen tribe and doh is from the karen tribe we visted the whole village and we saw them making tobacco and grewing pineapple and tried fresh pineapple and then we visted the river and chatted and hung out and then washed in the river as the was no facillities there. id didnt feel any, we then had dinner which was fresh local produce and the was too much food we were all stuffed and chatted for a while before heading to bed. bed was sleeping on a mattress in a bamboo hut some nearly almost a homestay.

next morning as ever i ended up waking up early and ruddi was up to and we chatted for a while and danella then got up and she had a bite that had falired up and so i gave her an anti-histine which seemed to do the trick. The others awoke and we had breakfast which again the was loads of and it stuffed us.

We then had to go uphill to start with and by the end we had all slipped, we trekked to the village of the lalhu tribe and there we were approached to buy stuff again, but i dont have the room and can not be bothered to trapse it around, we then went on a na elephant ride and as we were a group of five i got the unlucky straw and got the elphants neck and not a seat and so it got really uncomfortable and then the elephant owner was hitting the elephant with a stick and later slapping one of them on the head which i really didnt approve of.

We then met up with Doh again and we trekked a little more to a village were we had a bamboo raft built for us and we got on and intially it was sunny and we sunblocked up and the heavens opened. we all got throughly soaked but it was the last day and we got back to dry land and got dry clothes on and were mobbed by women trying to sell there wares again and we also got a big lunch again which was great.

We loaded up and headed back and it rained for the rest of the day and we got back to chiang mai and said our goodbyes and it was fun but i did feel like a fith wheel and it made me miss my girlfriend even more, i checked into the eagle one guest house picked up my stuff and repacked and putt stuff in for the laundry and headed out and got some razors as i thought it maybe time to shave after a month and 4 days withoutshaving and then i went to the sunday night market and well it seemed like everyother s.e.a market to be honest and i eneded up getting tasteless cold phad thai and then i tried to get something else and ended up getting stale and cold nasty ass chips for 20

I went tot the internet cafe and by chance caught my girlfriend online and we were on skype for a few hours which was great and buyoed my day. i then headed back and got mixed sleep as my room faced out from the guesthouse and not the quiet courtyard and so i had all the noisy neighbours to deal with.

I checked out this morning and left some clothes and my sanadals to give to a charity as they have seen better days and it will ligthen my load and hopefully help someone out. I bumped into danella and swapped email addresses and then grabbed breakie and got some passport photos done so i have some to hand in with my passport for my India visa and then off to Koh tao for diving, a few days in Bangkok and then five days in India, 7 days or so at home and then move to Denmark.