Hospital An Insurance Woes And The Dark Night On the Big Screen

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July 31st 2008
Published: February 2nd 2013
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So after my first visit to the hospital i was down money and wondering how id afford India and so i got straight on to my Insurers and they had the info from the hospital and would get back to me later in the day to confirm cover.

I called again in the evening as the whole thing was stressing me out and i called again and the doctor at the insurer went through the reort and cdecided to add to my issues by getting consent for my medical records and so i had to print the froms off and send them back and await a response, why they needed the records i do not know as the thai consultant confirmed the is no pre-exisiting condition i could havve that would lead to an neck abcess.

Next day i had to pay the treatment again waiting my insurers gurantee and so i was over 200 pounds down and spent most of the day in hospital so i was pretty down and not happy or smiley i was hoping bangkok would be a wind down and chill out before my quick hop across India. On the way back from hospital i met aureile a nice french girl who had blacked out after drinking and was getting tests, later in the day we met again and chatted and eat falfels which hadnt tried before and are yummy and then she was flying to Oz next day so we said our goodbyes.

Yesterday my insurers had guranteed payment but not all of it and so i spent most of the day chasing them and eventually got it sorted and i have one last appointment on the 1st August the day before i fly to mubai. On the Bus back from the hospital i met this nice irish guy and we chatted and hung out when we got back to soi rambutti and he and his mate were planning to go to the imax at siam towers to see the new batman movie and so we agreed to meet later.

So i went and saw the movie and it was awesome on the imax screen and sound system and then i had a few beers with the boys, the doctor said not to drink on the anti-biotics but to be honest everyone does and it was just a few and it helped to lift my malasie from the last few days and we chatted to a german friend of the boys and it was a good evening and my bodyclock was off kilter for a change as i was up at 11.25am today😊, meeting the boys again at 1pm and they must have over done it on the booze as they were not there and so i went to MBK to get some tops for my girlfriend and three floors and 6 and half hours later and i was knackered and my wallet lighter of cash, i shared a tuk tuk with an irish fella which cut the cost and i then got a small cabin size suitcase.

I grabbed some dinner and watched movies at the restuarant were i had dinner and then woke this morning with yet again more bed bug bites although im using a sleeping bag liner.

This morning i wandered around and met an irish girl id chatted with at koh tao asher and her friends were doing the open water at the same time and it seems her and her friends are not well either....maybe its something in the

My last hospital appointment and i had to wait around like for forever and eventually got some gauaze and pills and stuff for ten days. now deciding what to buy on my last night?