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August 3rd 2008
Published: February 2nd 2013
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So i got my shopping done and brought a few bottles of chang for old times sake and then headed to bed, next day i did some last mintute shopping and packed up and checked out and i met the finish boys again lol, they were back in bkk for a few days before flying to Oz.

I grabbed some food and some snacks and got the airport shuttle and whent through check in and security just fine and killed some time browsing the duty free and got some decent ipod earphones with my last baht as i couldnt change it for rupees....dohhh.

I found out the flight was mubai and dubai and so the plane was maninly full of indians and arabs, the was some turbulance but i got my veggie meal and it went without incident, at mubai airport the was no atm in arrivals and i had to serach high and low so i could get some cash, Mubai airport is like a set of a 1970s airport diaster movie as half it is dated circa 70's and the rest is being upgraded apparently. so i eventually got to my hotel which is in a dleightful area, but then Mubai is delightful with its wonderfull aroma of shit and piss mixed in and dirty and rubbish everywhere, i thought India was heading towards being a developing nation, i think cambodia and lao are more developed,

I got into my most expensive room of my trip and have to say its ok but hugely overpriced and that taxi from the airport was about the same price as a bangkok taxi only with no aircon and a death

I got a bottle of water and watched the hallmark channel as all the rest are indian and then woke up for my included breakfast which was curry,banna and jam on toast?????? a little wierd....hehe.

I then took a walk to bangna tank a water court/bathing area sourrounded by temples and on the way there cut my big toe on a nice bit of protruding metal so i think walking in the road maybe be safer, i then went to the gandi museum,the st thomas catherdral,max muller gallery, prince of wales musuem,gate of india, taj mahal palace,various other points of intrest and then met an irish guy joe and his polish girlfriend and had a ncie chat and then headed back past the victoria rial station and nearly got lost trying to find my hotel, i was that busy trying to do mubai in a day i forgot to grab lunch and found a cheap place were i got three course for 130 rupees so that was good.

Some hallmark tonight and then off to delhi tomorrow😊