Ko Lanta (5th April 2008)

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April 5th 2008
Published: April 7th 2008
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Ko Lanta (5th April 2008)

First of all No kodak moments today so no photos for this entry.

It was a bit of an uneventful day to be honest.

As usual since arriving in thailand i'd had a crap nights sleep and was woken all the way through the night and in the early hours of the morning by the creatures of Asia and the jungle. Firstly it was the gueko's, but this wasnt the sound of a normal gueko, it was much much louder thus must be much much bigger. Anyway it obviously liked our bungalow and as well as this been our home for the next few days it was also his home too. Later it was the turn of a big fly or a bee to annoy me and wake me. It sounded like a world war 2 plane as it flew around our room. Enough was enough and i decided to get up. I saw the hammock on our patio and thought id chill out for a bit with my book (The righteous Man by Dan Brown - what a book!!!!). Even here i was getting constantly bitten my mosquito's.

At breakfast we met the dutch couple who were visited in the early hours by our pet gueko (i assume it was the same one). Later the morning Rooddy (Dutch Guy) spotted the gueko is his room. Wow! For a gueko it was massive! About 12" long and it had a right big head and mouth on it obviously used for making those loud noises during the night.

Was on the internet all morning and early afternoon. Did a monster session on my blog and made a kind of promise to myself to try and update my blog more often than i have been doing. So here i am 2 days after my last blog session doing another one...impressed?

Had a lazy afternoon, fell asleep in my hammock after a few afternoon tiger beers.

That evening i went into the town and to a small bar to watch Liverpool V Arsenal. The guy who owned the bar used to live in dukenfield in Manchester and has been over here for last 3 years running his bar. Typically like most western middle aged (not so good looking, usually a bit podgy around the mid section) guys over here he was a young attractive thai girlfriend. Anyway, that aside and the fact he supported manchester united he was a really cool bloke. Fabienne came along to watch the football but i think she soon kind of lost interest and was bored and culdnt really join in with the football banter between the guys. The liverpool match was followed by Chelsea and City so that was really my night, got back around mid night. It was a good night and the type of night i miss from back home, so it was good to have a night like it!


7th April 2008

Hi, well impressed by the very current update! Nice to read the latest knowing it was only 2 days ago! Glad to hear you still enjoying it all, but really hope your arm is all healed by now - made me wince reading about it!

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