Ko Kradan / Ko Lanta (4th April 2008)

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April 4th 2008
Published: April 5th 2008
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Ko Kradan 04041Ko Kradan 04041Ko Kradan 04041

Sunrise 6am in the morning

Ko Kradan / Ko Lanta (4th April 2008)

Woke up really early to catch the sunrise (6am). Off i trotted from my bungalow to the beach (15mters or so) just in my tight boxer shorts, grabbed a seat and carried it over to the water edge. No body else was up so i assumed i wouldnt scare any one or get any woman really excited walking around half naked in my under wear. Sunrise was not specacular but still pretty nice and a good way to start the day.

Fabienne went back to bed as she was feeling sick, dizzy and still suffering from sunburn. I decided to take a walk to sunset beach on the other side of the island to see if my camera case and battery for my old camera had not been washed away during the night. To my disappointment it had gone...surprise surprise! I'm such a scatter brain and can't believe all the things i have lost or mis-placed during my travels.

On my walk back to our resort, like the previous eening i picked up some friends who accompanied me back - 8 dogs from another resort. I was like the piped piper! One of the dogs a puppy, kept jumping up at me and put a big scratch down my leg and ruined my lovely tan - not happpy lol!!!

Had breakfast on the beach - some in edible english style breakfast that wasnt also enogh to feed a mouse. Thai's are very good at making thai food but they definitely grabbed the concept of a big english breakfast yet.

Up until 1pm when our ferry was picking us up to go to ko lanta I relaxed, read my book, went for a walk along the beach and went snorkling in the crystal clear calm waters of the andaman sea - like previous days I saw a few scarey looking fish, kept well away from them.

On route to Ko Lanta, which was really cool and unexpected - we stopped off at another island (Ko Ngai) to do some swimming and snorklling - Which was great as it was really hot! The snorkling was awesome - lots of differnet types of fish, good visibility and lots of lovely untouched coral. Also clowned around jumping off the top of the boat into the water.

During journey to
ko kradan 0404 3ko kradan 0404 3ko kradan 0404 3

Sunrise at ko kradan
ko lanta i chilled out on the upper deck, feet over hanging the sides, keeping cool from the water spray and read my book and took in the lovely scenery, other islands and sites. Arrived in ko Lanta 3m...ish adnd instantly got mugged by totes for taxis and resorts. Already new where we were staying so got a motorbike taxi (very unsafe & bizarre looking thing!)

Arrived at resort (The sanctuary), very nice and clean if once again basic. Had a thai massage on the beach - definitely the best one ive had so far - felt so good afterwards and so loose and relaxed. Bumped into Roody and Eleonora (Dutch couple) who i keep bumping into at ko mook. Had dinner with them over a few chang beers and hit the sack around 10.30, feeling very tired and a bit tipsey!

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ko kradan 0404 4ko kradan 0404 4
ko kradan 0404 4

Me at breakfast on the beach at ko kradan beach resort
Ko kradan 0404 5Ko kradan 0404 5
Ko kradan 0404 5

Beach at Ko kradan
Ko kradan 0404 7Ko kradan 0404 7
Ko kradan 0404 7

My small stumpy legs!
Ko Lanta 0404 1Ko Lanta 0404 1
Ko Lanta 0404 1

Me and fabienne in the motorcycle taxi

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