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April 12th 2008
Published: April 12th 2008
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ko phi phi 08041ko phi phi 08041ko phi phi 08041

Looking back onto Ao lo dalam beach ko phi phi

Ko Phi Phi 8th Apr - 12th Apr

Arrived midday..ish by ferry at ko phi phi Don. Arriving into the bay and seeing all the commercialisation & the construction of the half bulit resorts and half built jetty was not a very attractive site. I was a little let down. Before this i was really excited about ko phi phi as id heard and read it was one of the most beautiful thai islands and also was home to the filming of "The Beach" even though that was filmed on ko phi phi leh (a small un-inhabited island just off the south tip of ko phi phi don)

Soon as we got off the ferry we were ambushed by all the tour operators and touts. We decided to ignore their advice and go and find our own accomodation. We were luckily handed a map of the main resort Au ton Sai so off we went through the narrow crowded bustling streets with all the, shops, diving centers markets & food stalls of ko phi phi. Whilst walking through the streets i heard my name shouted. It was Abi, as girl that i met know from Australia - she was
ko phi phi 08042ko phi phi 08042ko phi phi 08042

Agriculture land for samll village during walk on ko phi phi
also on the oz experience bus. We eventually come across a place a little out of town, it wasnt the best accomdation in the world and the views from our balcony were of dirty washing, other facing dingy accomodation & big concrete cylinders that look like they should be several meters under the ground...... but it was reasonably priced!

The first day, Fabienne and I went exploring the island by foot and headed to the north side of the island. On the way, we had to walk / climb down a muddy...ish grass verge to get to the beach. Fabienne slipped and got covered in mud which was pretty funny lol. From there we had to walk along the a rocky beach and then a steep climb to the top of a hill. At the top I thought it would be a good idea to go off the path and divert to what looked like a hardly used / old trail through the forest / jungle. Hoping to find a good view point. After 20 minutes or so and after it seamed there was no view point we decided to go back to the main path. Fabienne was
ko phi phi 08043ko phi phi 08043ko phi phi 08043

Small village on water in north of ko phi phi don
a very slow walker and she nearly got lost a few times as she couldn't see the trail and i was 50meters in front of her. This was a little annoying as i wasn't even walking fast & I always had to stop and wait for her. Whilst i as doing this i'd be getting bit my mosquitos and red ants and any other english blood loving creature! Once back on the main track we had a steep downward walk which took us into an agricultural area for farming and then a small village that was built on a small lake. We walked through the village and as we needed refreshents we then went to a resort that looked really posh and expensive. The rooms were huge bungalows, the beach was lovely and the restaurants and bars were very very posh. I asked for a taxi boat back to the south side of the island and they wanted 500B (would usually be 50B). I got a can of coke for 90B (usually 25B) - however we did get some free bread and butter with the cokes! I chilled out and relaxed in the sun and sea for an hour or
ko phi phi 08044ko phi phi 08044ko phi phi 08044

Village on water
so on the lovely beach whilst Fabienne went looking at a tusami memorial. Due to the price of the water taxi we decided to walk back. We went through the resort and asked a worker for help on finding the path back, once she found out we weren't staying at the resort we got escorted off the premises by security!

Once again on the way back Fabienne was always lagging behind and i had to hold up and wait. Once she'd caught up and set of again and within 10 seconds she'd be so far behind again. God it stressed me out!

Any way later that afternoon we went to the view point that over looks the bays of Ao lo Dalam (north and AoTon Sal (South) and Ko Phi Phi leh. These bays were both hit by the tsunami and the resorts and homes, buildings between these 2 bays were destroyed. About 2000 people from ko phi phi don were killed in the tsunami. To get to the view point you have to climb 320 steps (yes i counted them) and then there is also a steep long path to tackle before you get to the top.
ko phi phi 08045ko phi phi 08045ko phi phi 08045

The lovely posh Pee pee island village resort - the one we got thrown out of lol :-)
Luckily there is a cafe at the top which sold much needed refreshments! As expected Fabienne arrived to the top about 10minutes after me! The views from up here were amazing (see pics).

That night wehad arranged to meet up with Steve and Marie, Mark and Sally and also Abi and her friend. We met in the Reggae bar. The reggae bar has a thai boxing ring, a qualified referee & allows anyone to jump in the ring & have Thai boxing fights with there mates, girls, up and coming thai fighters..anyone really! We firstly a bit of thai boxing then a lady boy show and then some more thai boxing. During this time the beers had started to flow and also the imfamous buckets had hit the scene.

From there we went to the irish bar to watch the football (Liverpool Vs Arsenal Champions league qtr final). I remember liverpool equalising for 1-1 and jumping around with all the other liverpool fans. The second half of the match was a blur. The only good memory I have left from that night is me trying to be a saint and a peacekeeper and getting involved in a fight
ko phi phi 08046ko phi phi 08046ko phi phi 08046

from view point of the the bays of ao ton sai & ao lo dalam. Ko phi phi leh far left
between an english guy (who i dont have a clue who he is?!) and some thai guys. Next thing i know im seeing sparkling stars, got a bloody nose and spitting a bit of my tooth out and all hell temperally breaks out. God nows who hit me cos i didnt see it coming, but give credit wheres its due - they were a cracking couple of punches lol. I vaguely remember walking home and some thai guy speaking to me and apologizing about it all then i woke up in the morning with an horrific hangover thinking it was all a bad dream........then i thought OOUCCCHHH and felt my missing half a tooth! SHIT!!!!!! That's what you get when trying to help or play peace keeper! Thinking back i dont think i even got a thanks off the guy who i took a beating for!!! Charming! Lessoned learnt dont mess with these Thai bruce lee ninja people especially when highly in-toxicated!

The day after THE night out was a total right off. Apart from chilling out in bed for most of the day (chilling out not really the best word as it was so hot and humid and i was sweating so much!) all i did was get up to go and eat or drink or go to the toilet - that's all i was capable of doing! What i would have given for my own bed and DVD with lots of cups of tea! That night Fabienne went out to meet the other guys but i wasnt feeling my most social and enthusiastic so i had a quiet night on my own with my bed and a book and felt sorry for myself lol.

It was good to wake up the following day feeling not hungover anymore. However my eye had blackened and my tooth still hurt especailly when i drank anything cold! Today were off on a snorkling trip and going to Ko phi phi leh (home of "The Beach"). First snorkling stop was outside long beach, about 5 minutes only from the main resort on ko phi phi don. Snorkling was okay and i was quite happy and content floating and swimming around in the warm sea admiring the fish and coral until.........................................BASH, BOOSH, OOUCCHHH!!!!! I had swam into the rotory propellor of the boat. The propellor was just out of the water so
ko phi phiko phi phiko phi phi

Jumping for joy,.......not knowing the mis-fortune that will soon arrive at a late night irish bar!
i couldnt see ity and luckily it wasnt going around. However, it still bloody hurt and i feared the worst. This was confirmed when i got out of the boat and Fabieene said "What the hell have you done to your head" and i had blood pooring down my face! CAN I PLEASE PLEASE have some good luck who ever is listening out there!!!!

That put an abrupt end to my snorkling trip and i considered getting drpped off on the shore so i could go and have it checked at the mediacal center incase it needed stitches - however if id done that i would have got to see the "the beach" so i stayed and spent the rest of the day sun bathing in the boat or swimming and trying to keep my head above the water.

We called off for lunch at a tiny island just north of ko phi phi and it, the water the beach, the foliage were beautiful. From there we went all around ko phi phi don and called off at 'Monkey Beach'. You've guesses it? yes they're are monkey here! As it happens quite aggrssive ones. They were ok at
ko phi phi 08048ko phi phi 08048ko phi phi 08048

Sunset at ao ton sai 8/4
first, as expected they were scavenging around after free food. Then some french guys (yes FRENCH, surprise surprise) thought it would be good to tease then, wind them up, pull their tails and chase them. As it happens it all turned around and the monkeys actually got really aggresive and chased them and lots of in and then over to ko phi phi leh - We arrived at 'The Beach' It was WOW! gorgeous! There were quite a few other boats and lots of other people there as expected but still, it was amazing. From there we went around Ko phi phi leh, the limestone rock formations and over hangs were awesome. we did some more snorkling, checked some caves out, went into this really big cove which had perfect turqoise waters & was virtually surrounded by high limestone cliffs. The crossing back to the main island was lets say a bit choppy and there were many worried faces, and mine was one of them as the delicate looking longboat swayed side to side and as the waves nearly came over the top. The captain of the boat, if that's what you can call him stopped the boat in the
ko phi phi 08049ko phi phi 08049ko phi phi 08049

Sunset at ao ton sai 8/4
middle of the channel, lied down as if to go to sleep and said we stay here for 1 hour and wait for sunset. Needless to say none of us on the boat from about 12 were overly keen on this idea and made the boatman take us back to shore. Thank god we made it back safely!

As there was time me and Fabienne went back up to the view point to check out sunset. Again Fabienne lagged behind & arrived several minutes after me. to be honest, It wasn't really worth the effort!

Tonight (10/4) was fabienne's last night before moving on to Bangkok to attend a beauty show for the thai new year. Im not sure the guy who recommended her will be too please when he sees her now multi tone pealing back and red and white legs lol. Time for the whitening cream i think. That night i was feeling tired and still probably still suffering from the affects of the previous nights events and the effects of concusion from bump to head so we didnt go out and had an early one.

(11/4) As usual woke up at the crack of
ko phi phi 080410ko phi phi 080410ko phi phi 080410

Sunset at ao ton sai 8/4
dawn this time woken by their pet cock / hen and also my sleep was interuptted during the night by 2 cats talking / singing to each other. I've never wanted a catapult or an air pistol so much in my life! Fabienne was leaving at 2pm, so we couldnt realy do anything to outragious, so we just walked around town, had a bite to eat, chilled out with our books etc etc. The time came for her to go and we said our good byes and wished each other the best. I was now back on my own! Time to go and explore some more...............................

I set off and come across this road that went up into the hills. There was a few resorts i could see and there were 2 girls walking u there too so i assumed it must lead some where, hoping it would be anice beach. After 30minutes of walking mainly up steep hills in the midday sunshine and 35oC heat and lots of sweating i came to a building site....great! So i turned around feeling very naffed off and hot! After 5mins i came across the 2 girls who obviously had the same
ko phi phi 8/4ko phi phi 8/4ko phi phi 8/4

Sunset at ao ton sai 8/4
idea as me. To our fortunea pick up truck was returning from the building site so we cadged a lift back into town. After that i needed food and drink, quickly followed by relaxation on the beach for the rest of the day and sunset. The sunset was beautiful!

That night I spoke to My Mum, Sarah (sister) and Grandma. It was really good to speak too and hear from them all. As expected when i spoke to my grandma she didnt have a clue id been travelling for the past 5 1/2 months and when I told her I was in thailand she said " what the hell are you doing there?" :-)
Later in the night i went to the 007 bar and had a bite to eat anfew juices and watched anchorman - very very funny. Then went home and in bed for 11pm. Up early as leaving for krabi (on the mainland) tomorrow.

12/4 - Woke again early - GOD! IM SICK OF BEEN BITTEN BY THESE MOSSIES. by now im covered in bites, especially my feet and ankles. I seem to get it 24/7. So itchy!

Went for an early morning walk
ko phi phi 10041ko phi phi 10041ko phi phi 10041

The small island we stopped off at for lunch on snorkling trip
along the beach, packed the rest of my stuff and headed off for the jetty. I wanted some pancakes with nutellafor breakfast but the place wasnt open yet. Gutted!!! there so nice!

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ko phi phi 10042ko phi phi 10042
ko phi phi 10042

beach we had lunch at on snorkling trip
ko phi phi 100043ko phi phi 100043
ko phi phi 100043

Lunch on the beach (snorkling trip)
ko phi phi 10044ko phi phi 10044
ko phi phi 10044

despite all the bruises, cuts and knocks - still in paradise and in high spirits - how couldn't i be
ko phi phi leh 10041ko phi phi leh 10041
ko phi phi leh 10041

The island ko phi phi leh (the island famous for the beach)
the beachthe beach
the beach

ME at the beach
the beachthe beach
the beach

The beach
The beachThe beach
The beach

The beach

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