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February 12th 2018
Published: February 12th 2018
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Thursday 8 February, 2018.

Weather hot and sunny. Slept ok.

Our plan today was to visit Krabi by local bus.

We left the room about 1045 and dropped off some laundry next door.

The bus stop was opposite (or so we thought) and we waited for a little while, a bus came along but the driver told us we had to wait on the other side.

So over the road we went and only waited a couple of minutes before our bus came. It turns out the bus goes up to the coast and around, which we didn't know.

The bus by the way is basically padded seats in the back of a truck and a roof. The journey seemed to take a while and go all over the place, but eventually we were dropped off and our fee of 100 Thai Baht (just over one pound each).

We wandered all over Krabi for quite some time, early on we had some coffee, toast and jam in a little chic cafe called The Wild Bar! Not much wild about it that I could see, especially with a little elderly Thai lady serving.

Later The Birdsnest restaurant caught our eye for a drink and we both had fancy Italian Soda's, an Elderflower and a Blue Hawaii. I had spicy fried pork and rice and Pat had banana samosas. There were actual birds nests for sale in presentation boxes, god knows what price?

We went back to the Buddhist temple we had just walked by and had a look around. Beautiful inside.

It was heading for 4 pm and we went to the bus stop. Only to be told we were on the wrong side of the road again!

There were some Australian ladies on the bus who we chatted with on the way back.

We stopped for refreshments at TJ's because we could. Pat picked up the laundry, while I paid the room bill as had been requested. Back in the room for 5.30 pm.

Krabi was generally much quieter and less touristy than Aonang but did nothing much to impress us.

About 8 pm we decided on a wander and headed out. We went up to the coast and right to the the sun bathing beach, to see it at night. It was pretty, there were loads of people about.

Then we were looking for a drink and the place Pat likes - Anchor Blue - was playing music, but we stopped anyway. The musician was good on the guitar and his singing was okay. Lots of Beatles tracks. Pat was happy.

On the way back, for easiness we decided on a McDonalds. It is just across from our hotel. Back to the room by 10 pm. Late for us!

Friday, 9 February, 2018

Weather hot and sunny

We had decided on a long tail boat trip and visit to Railay beach today.

We woke about 9 am and left at 1030 am for an amble to the Port. The ticket office sold us two returns to West Railay for 400 baht (£9).

We were asked to wait by the boat guys and other people turned up within minutes, so we were off to the boat.

The boats are tied up along the seashore so you get your feet wet and have to clamber into the boat on a little ladder, but all was fine.

We had seen them operating over the few days we have been here and had put anything valuable or needing it, in waterproof bags.

The journey only takes about 15 minutes, but is a fun experience. On arrival we hopped off into the water and onto the beach.

Another beautiful location with the cliffs jumping up into the sky. as a back drop.

We headed off the beach, found a map and headed to the other beach at East Railay for a look. Along the way refreshments were taken.

We walked for quite a while simply exploring, then stopped in one of the Spa hotels, as it looked a nice place for some lunch.

I had stir fried pork and Pat had Pad Thai. I had a Strawberry Italian soda this time to try and Pat had an iced Latte. Pleasant lunch and the usual people watching at the same time.

On the way back we had a look at some of the cliff climbing close up.

West Railay beach is the much nicer beach and we lay on the beach in the full sun. Pat cooled off with a swim, then more refreshments.

Time to return and we headed along the beach tickets in hand and were simply shown straight into a boat. Very easy. Others joined and 15 - 20 minutes we were back in Aonang. Short walk home and straight into the shower for both of us. Back about 3.30 pm.

We had a quiet afternoon and decided on an evening stroll about 7.30 pm.

Everywhere was busy again and we went up to the coast and sat on a bench watching the world hurry past. You do see some sights!

We ambled homewards and stopped for refreshments at Cafe 8.98. I had a Lychee, passion fruit and basil, soda, with a bacon, cheese and egg sandwich. Pat had a small Chang beer. We had kerbside seats and continued our watching the world go by. Back to the room by 9.45 pm.

Saturday 10 February, 2018.

Alarms set for 6.45 am as we were due to be picked up at 7.30 am at reception.

A fitfull nights sleep as an alarm was set.

Alarms went off and we were showered and ready to go by 7.20 am.

We waited by reception and he didn't show up until 8.15! He was very apologetic etc etc.

There was only one other couple in the minibus and apparently that was us for the day.

We headed off, after the driver introduced himself as Rudi and give us details of the day.

First stage was a long drive to a river location for some bamboo rafting. A couple of hours. As it turned out when we arrived we would have to wait 30 minutes, so Rudi changed plans and we headed off again to a Temple and cave system we would have done later.

The temple was in the cliff side and tunnels went through to a river.

We were given fish food by Rudi and the fish teemed around the food. Not Piranhas but meat eaters none the less, apparently. We were shown a big snake on a tree branch. Rudi was trying to give as much information as he could about things and tried to answer any questions we raised

Then back to the rafting and we were all prepared to possibly get wet.

The raft held two people, with a guy steering and pushing with a long pole on the back. So we trogged off very gently down the river.

After a short while we beached and were given hot water heated in bamboo to use to make instant coffee. A local thing.

Back on the rafts and we were allowed to keep our bamboo mugs as souvenirs.

More rafting down the river and spotted another snake in a tree and a water monitor swam in front of us.

Probably about an hour passed overall and Rudi was waiting at the end to take us back to the start for some lunch.

A Thai food lunch was provided and it was very nice.

After lunch we were off to the Elephant sanctuary. The two elephants and a group of about 12 people were already there. We were given information by the Thai girl and allowed to feed the elephants to become there friends.

Then the elephants were led off to the mud hole. After being settled in the water, people were allowed to go in and cover them with mud. Next stop was the river were they were to be cleaned.

Again once they were settled, people including Pat went in and washed them.

Then back to the start. We changed and were now off to the monkey temple. Rudi had got some corn on the way and this was fed to the monkeys by us. There tiny little hands reaching up to take the corn was delightful. We tried to feed the youngest when possible.

Khao Sok nature park was next for a short visit with refreshments. Very pretty and would be worth spending a lot more time if you had it. We left about 4.30 pm for the 2.5 hours drive home. One final stop at a viewing point to see a great view of the area the an uneventful return and back at the hotel for 7 pm.

We were hungry and decided to go straight out for an Indian at the Taj Palace. Pat had a chicken korma which was a little to spicy for her. I had chicken tikka masala which was great. Back by 8 pm and that was us finished for the day.

Sunday 11 February 2018

A good nights sleep. Weather hot and sunny. Daytime up to about 40°C now.

We woke about 8.30 am and left the room about 11 am. The plan was a steady stroll to the right to have a look at things. Got money from the cash machine no problem. Strolled along until we saw a place called Fon bakery, which advertised various breakfasts. Pat had the French style and I had Amercan. Not expensive and just what we needed.

Further along was a Tesco Lotus supermarket. So we had to have a look. Nothing purchased.

Then the return journey and by the time we got back to our location another refreshment stop was in order at TJ's. The winter olympics were showing and there quite a few scandanavians in watching the cross country skiing.

Back to the room 2.30 pm.

Pat went out for a while in the afternoon for a massage. I had quiet time.

Later we took our evening stroll, to people watch. We ended for a drink and something to eat in Anchor Blue, probably our most frequented place now. Then a stroll home.

The lady was in the tour office next to the hotel so we booked our bus and ferry trip when we move from Aonang to Kho Pha Ngan on the 22nd. Also booked a trip to James Bond island on the 13th.


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