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July 2nd 2008
Published: July 2nd 2008
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Bangkok, Chiang MaiBangkok, Chiang MaiBangkok, Chiang Mai

Few days in Bangkok then trekking etc in Chiang Mai
Hi All, arrived in Chiang Mai this morning at about 6 our time. The ''VIP'' bus was so far from VIP, it was probably the rockiest ride ever and resembled a ferry on wheels, pretty much felt sick the entire 11hours, especially when we stopped at a 'service station' where the food choices were various pieces of meat in soup, eggs floating in gravy, or a whole leg of some unidentified animal. Glen and I decided to go to the shop and opted for some crisps and biscuits... very adventurous. :-) We tried to get some sleep, but it was just so hard cos we were being thrown about and we had a fat little baldie Thai man sat next to us who made the weirdest and loudest noises in his sleep, waking us up every 20 mins. not good for the growing bags under our eyes, but better on board entertainment than the 1980s dubbed Thai films they played.
After arriving at the hotel, we had to wait about 3 hours for our room, and when it was ready fell asleep until about half four this afternoon, best sleep we've had all holiday. Just headed out to the city for some food and drinks and stomach settlers (upset tummys have begun early for us both, joy). Just in the internet cafe now (obviously) before we head to a bar for a bit and then back to the hotel. (the ''Holiday Garden View'' hotel, where the gorgeous garden view from our room is a whitewashed wall, and if u peek just above the wall from Glen's great height u catch a glance of the 50 posters of their king/president/we dont know who he is but his photo is plastered everywhere.)
Up early tomorrow for a trek with elephant riding and bamboo rafting, looks good fun so hopefully we'l both be feeling a bit better. we're also booking a Thai cookery course for the 4th where u get to cook (and eat) 6 courses of food. we've been slightly unadventurous with the food choices so far so we're hoping this will give us a bit more confidence with our choices!! :-D
anyway, not much more to tell cos todays been fairly boring, but we'l write more after we've done some activities. Chaing Mai is really nice tho and alot calmer and more chilled once you've been in Bk, which can be a pretty stressful place to be in!
hope everyone at home is well, lots of love from us both xxxxxxxxxx
p.s.. we saw loads of Thai Lady boys the other day. Glen took a bit of a shine to them ;-)


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