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July 1st 2008
Published: July 1st 2008
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Hi everyone, we are just finishing off our 3rd day in bangkok. Its about 5:15pm here, weather is quite overcast but really warm!! We have just been to McDonalds for some good trustworthy food because Jo is feeling a bit unwell, bit feverish and sore throat.
We are setting off at 7pm on the 'VIP' bus to Chang Mai in the north which should take us 11 hours. The coach is meant to have bed-like seats and is meant to be luxurious, we won't hold our breath.

The past 3 days have been amazing, on our first day, after the ridiculously long journey, we arrived at about 12 noon. We grabbed a few hours sleep because i only got about 2 hrs all journey, then headed out to meet with the annoyingly persistent travel agent. We spent a few hours trying to sort our plans out before heading back to the hotel to change and go out!

Koh Sahn road is the main road for travelers in bangkok, it is a long road full of market type stalls selling cheap fake clothes, tailors shops and loads of bars/restaurants. It is full of Europeans. lots of English/Irish and quite a few Americans. The food and drink is a lot cheaper than England, large beers are only 2 pounds and meals around the same price. We did however overcompensate and indulged in many a cocktail and beers.

We left the first bar for a wander about and bumped in to paul mcnicholls sister!, as she is out here traveling. We went for a few drinks with her as it was her bday and watched the euro finals. Very messy night and ended up getting to bed at about half 5!

The second day did not start at all well for me as firstly the annoying travel agent rang us at 9am, then the building work started at 10am which was really loud! I rang reception and complained and the poor thai woman said she would ask them to stop construction! They did for about half an hour to be fair!

We woke up early afternoon and went out in to bangkok, Jo did a bit of shopping on koh sahn road then we went to MBK which is a hugeee mall with 5 floors worth of cheap copied clothes! On the tuk tuk ride over it started to absolutely chuck it down! the rain was bouincing about a foot of the ground, which meant we got soaked on our little tuktuk!I got 4 Ralph Lauren polo shirts for a tenner! Really good quality as well. Jo went a bit mad as she does love to shop! We were really tired and decided to catch up on our sleep so had an early night.

Ive mentioned today at the beginning, not much to report just waiting to catch our bus. We did bump in to Paul's sister again though and we are gonna meet up in chang mai too.

Lots of love to everyone and we will start posting photos soon!!


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