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January 22nd 2008
Published: February 1st 2008
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Chiang Mai was an effort to get to. An early morning flight from Yangon to Bangkok, a few hours waiting and then another flight to Chiang Mai with Bianca suffering from food poisoning the whole way - not fun. Unfortunately the hotel we intended on staying in was full, so we settled for the first one we came across and that was it for day 1.

The following day we moved hotel to a cheaper, but nicer place with a soft bed (first time in a long time). Bianca was still exhausted from being sick so we didn't do a lot except for go to the night market that evening. The night market was very much tourist orientated - it sold tonnes of touristy t-shirts and other junk and we cruised around till it was time to meet Kat at the airport. The nice thing about Chiang Mai was that it’s only a 15 minute tuk tuk ride from anywhere to the airport. When Kat came out to the waiting area she was chatting away madly with a Thai/American guy she had met. We thought from the way that they were talking that they must have sat together on the
Chiang Mai zooChiang Mai zooChiang Mai zoo

White Tiger
plane, but no, they had only met while waiting for their baggage - he was just a friendly guy.

He invited us across the road from the airport to his cousin’s hotel/restaurant where we sat and had a huge amount of nice Thai food, as well as half a bottle of whiskey for Scott (all on the house). The American guy invited his friend, a Kiwi lady to come join us at the restaurant as well. The American guy and his Thai friends/relatives decided that they were going to take us to a bar that only locals went to so we all piled into their cars. The bar itself was pretty packed and had live music, but none of us were much of a fan of the Thai style country music so we didn't hang around too long. Scott managed to have a guy try to massage his shoulders and dry his hands in the toilet, who then expected to be paid at the end of it - but Aussie guys aren't really into that kind of thing.

The following day we went to Chiang Mai zoo. The short version is that it’s a very weird zoo. The
Chiang Mai zooChiang Mai zooChiang Mai zoo

That cup is full of worms
layout doesn’t make any sense and the maps were probably drawn by one of the monkeys. At least the animal cages were pretty decent, although half were empty and being renovated.

That evening we headed back to the night bazaar with Kat and the following day got on a six hour bus to Chiang Khong to cross the border into Laos.

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Boat to LaosBoat to Laos
Boat to Laos

2 minute journey
Recovering AlcoholicRecovering Alcoholic
Recovering Alcoholic

okay, so really she had food poisoning...not as funny

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