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10th November 2019
Diocletian's Palace

We were wondering when another blog would pop up. A nice trip continues.
From Blog: Split
3rd November 2019
Mostar Old Town

Old Town
Lots of personality.
3rd November 2019
The Latin Bridge

Very, very nice
Lovely shot
From Blog: Sarajevo
3rd November 2019

Following along with you.
I"m really enjoying are travels. I want to get on an airplane.
From Blog: Jajce
24th October 2019
Piva Lake

I love this scenic view. We must get to Montenegro.
24th October 2019

24th October 2019
Pavlova Strana viewpoint, Lake Skadar National Park

Wow, wow, wow
Stunning view
16th October 2019
The new part of Berat

I've always wanted to go to Albania. Looks terrific.
From Blog: Berat
12th October 2019

Amazing beauty. We would like to follow in your footsteps.
12th October 2019
The drive from Kobarid to Kranjska Gora

Waterfalls and amazing countryside
So lovely- thanks for taking us along.
8th October 2019
Lake Bled

Mother Naute
Beautiful scenery. You've taken some great photos. The countryside looks magnificent.
8th October 2019
Predjama Castle

This is a part of the world we look forward to exploring. Thank you for the blog which will give us great ideas.
8th October 2019
Homestyle sausage with horseradish and Slovenian mustard

Never enough food
Tasty looking
From Blog: Ljubljana
3rd February 2019

Wow awesome trip
From Blog: Hong Kong
19th January 2019

Another dazzling adventure
Love the photos. Now cycle on around there and get us more! Nice to see you both enjoying China
From Blog: Yangshuo
15th October 2018

Sorry you got sick
If food is thinking about going bad I get sick. I feel your pain. You've recovered nicely and sampled some wonderful foods and explored some interesting places. This is still a location we would like to go.
From Blog: Hong Kong
10th October 2018
Fuli Bridge

Sorry to hear this amazing place is touristy but that happens. Sadly. Glad you took the taxi and cut the drive in half. You've taken some lovely photos. This is a region of the world we would like to explore.
From Blog: Yangshuo
21st September 2018
Danyan Old Town

Lovely towns.
19th September 2018
Baishuitai water terraces

Stunning terraces
19th September 2018
Yunnan snub nosed monkey, Tacheng National Park

Nice action shot
Crazy monkeys
19th September 2018
Shizhong Temple

Temples, temples and more temples
So many temples so little time.
From Blog: Dali to Shaxi
16th September 2018

This is a part of the world we would like to explore. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.
From Blog: Kunming and Dali
12th June 2017

Never enough Paris
No matter how often we go we never tire of this amazing city. You've taken some great photos!
22nd May 2017
Marrakech medina

The market place is chaotic fun.
From Blog: Marrakech

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