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Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Buriram December 21st 2015

This was most challenging part of my ride to Cambodia because I have to constantly ensure myself don't end up in Motorways or Expressways within Bangkok area... read more
Buddha status on the hill
Replica of statue of Christ The Redeemer
Wat Enterance

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Buriram December 5th 2015

I feel that this journey is not really complete until I get back from my old home in England to my new home in Thailand. I work as a teacher in Bangkok, but live with my wife in the central plains region which is known as the rice bowl of Thailand. It's about 500 kilometers by road from my home in Bangkok to our home in Satuk, near Buriram, where we have a small fruit farm. We are both teachers, so time is limited and precious. The seven hour overnight journey between these two locations at the end of each teaching term had become tedious, until I bought a large motorcycle at the end of last year for these trips. Now each journey has been transformed into a magical experience, with the freedom to travel at ... read more
The Honda, my ticket out of Bangkok
Our room at the Paradise Hotel, Phi Mai.
Khmer Temple at Phi Mai

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Buriram June 9th 2008

Yeah, Buriram was a funny time. It was great, riding around everywhere on the back of a pickup, getting stares from all sides (Buriram is not exactly a major tourist destination), maybe getting a giggle from a gaggle of schoolgirls... it's almost like you have celebrity status! Some of the older men eye you distrustfully, while the older women will unashamedly call after you "Farang! Farang!" (white person). We ate fried pork with rice for breakfast, noodle soup, and usually a big feast for dinner. We'd always follow it with some fruit - my favourite were the Nga - A red fruit with a really hairy exterior - and the Mangkoot - A small black fruit with a center resembling a clove of garlic - really sweet, and with great flavour. One day we went to ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Buriram November 15th 2007

Thursday November, 15th 2007 I'm leaving Nang Rong. I liked that city : its quietness, the small restaurant, the papaya salad, my comfortable room at Honey Inn... Just before I left, I met an old man who makes a king of traditional instrument. It's a pity, I didn't meet him earlier. He would have shown me more of that quarter of Nang Rong and other traditional instruments. ... read more
My favourite noodle soup restaurant - 2
Traditionnal instrument

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Buriram November 13th 2007

Tuesday November, 13th 2007 After my too wet journey by motorbike, I decided to share a car with Martin, a Dutch tourist to visit temples in the surroundings. For temples, pictures speak by themselves, so why should I write more ? First Phanom Rung (meaning the big hill), a very well preserved khmer temple. With a lot of nice stone carving. Then, Prasat Meuang Tam. That was my favourite temple of the day. Prasat Tamuen, a group of 3 temples at the Cambodian border. Actually, the last temple is on Cambodian territory. From the jungle, there were a lot of Cambodian people coming on foot to sell goods to Thailand. Just, near the temple was a custom officer who collected tax based on the evaluation of the value and weigh of the goods. All subject to ... read more
Lintel detail
A tourist
Prasat Meuang Tam

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