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September 14th 2014
Published: September 14th 2014
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Sat chillin on pattaya this is our kinda shopping sit on wor arses n let them bring everything to ya. Literally sell everything on this far we've bought a new backpack for Lisa coz hers has brok....2 bob Marley bags, 2 Buddhas, a necklace, bracelet, anklet, a coconut, some mango and some melon ha. All for about 40 quid. Just had a little Indian family come over and ask us for photos with their kids....aye but haway man we look like jimmy savilles!!!!! Loads dick head jormans and Russians on this beach their sooooo rude. Our hotels heaven guesthouse we know what that means....Viagra guesthouse. The average age of the men here is 70, swear one nearly died in a travel shop before. Ambulances everywhere....probs waiting for the heart attacks after buying their birds. The hotel next door sounds nice too.....The cum inn?! Haaaaa. Bloody hacky here. Booked a Tiffany show tonight....the most famous lady boy show in the world, bring on the cocks in frocks!! Elephant village Tomorra can't wait for that. Couldn't have done it today though we got a bit excited at the cocktail carts last night....80 baht yesaaaa. Found a mint pub called the sportsman.....sells propper British scran great for a hangowa. Propper carvery n all the footy n that on.....looks like the rovers return or something inside, just wor style, onl missing scampi frys. Dead glad were sat here n not on our way to Bangkok like we nearly were.......only a day early for our flight to Singapore...thick gets nearly booked the taxi n that for the wrong day. Actually don't know how were still in 1 piece and only 1 phone down haha

. Just been asked for more photos....chinks this time, last time was Indians?? What's gannin on were gonna sit here all day n start charging 50 baht a photo


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