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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok August 20th 2020

It’s likely the things you’ll do in Thailand, you’ll dream about for weeks. It’s also likely the things you’ll see will bring on nightmares, lots and lots of nightmares. Just like dreams, some are good, some bad. Thailand is THE dream destination; The sunsets, the food, the hospitality, the animals = Happy dream The traffic, the climate, the pace, the other animals = Scary dream (Have you seen the size of a Monitor Lizard??) Scary plays a big role in Thai Culture, the concept of Hell, demons and ghosts aren’t wasted on the Thai, though at times an angry Thai mother can be the most terrifying of all. But just a stroll through any street in Thailand shows just the impact Ghosts have on Thailand, lines of shot glasses, marigolds and burning incense at every corner ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok April 23rd 2020

From 2012. Having done a fair amount of travel around the world, some of the fruit on this list were new to me as well. Of course, the mighty durian is on the list. Sheri loves it, as do most Thai, Malaysian, Chinese, and New York Chinese. It is, however, the Achilles heel of Mr. Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmern of the Travel Channel. He has not tried it thrice, and spit it out thrice!!! The last try was in NYC's Chinatown, where the cost was probably between $50-100 per fruit!!!! It is said they sell 200 fresh durian a day there! Personally, some of the fruit on this list are quite good, some are new to me, and some look absolutely horrid. You decide! 10. Kiwano ... read more
Persimmon for hoshigaki
Strawberry fields forever?

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok April 15th 2020

If Dogs make you all warm and fuzzy inside, Bangkok is the closest to heaven you’ll ever get. Add free Cheesecake, Coffee and all the puppies you can carry, and chances are you’ve transcended beyond heaven right into the pearly gates of Thailand’s Dog Cafes. Canine Cafes are the best kept secret around these parts. Bangkok alone has 4 of the biggest in Thailand, all a short Tuktuk ride away from the next (great for a Pup-Crawl). Dog cafes around Thailand are popular and quickly expanding; it’s hard to keep up with the trend and with every year comes a new café and a new theme…so to save you the hassle of scouring every café, I’ve gone and visited all of them (tough job I know). This Husky themed café is by far the most popular ... read more
HOPS- House of Paws
Big Dog Cafe
Corgi Garden Cafe

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 9th 2020

After a night on the train it was wonderful to just enjoy a hot shower and brush my teeth properly. And in a little while I had a message from Jiab, a young Thai friend who used to be one of my students at Home End. I arranged to meet her, her children and her parents at a nearby restaurant , only 5 minutes walk from where I was staying. I felt thoroughly spoilt as they piled delicious food on my plate, and Jiab's two little children were absolutely delightful. Alba and Alfie. The family stayed with me for a night on a visit to the UK about 18 months ago, and I'd been captivated by Alba then. Alfie arrived only eight months ago I think, and although he wasn't joining in with the lunch food, ... read more
Jiab’s mum with Alfie
Lunch with Pat, Jay and their mum and dad
Alba and Jiab

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Khao Yai NP February 6th 2020

60 Km day so an early breakfast at the excellent Golden beach hotel Cha Am. a lovely beach, many bars and a great atmosphere. Our guide picked us up at 8am and we drove 30 Km to Hau Hin the starting point a beautiful temple as always! We followed cycle paths inland towards and along a lovely beach seeing statues of the kings of Thailand throughout the ages along the way. Stopping for a break to see a pineapple farm and sample the produce, delicious succulent fresh pineapple and some cocunut dumplings. There were rivers with fishing villages and shrimp boats and 3 temples, Hindu Buddhist and Chinese. We ate local bananas. Then headed for the cave at phraya Nakhon it involved a sea boat trip and 1km each way hike over steep and slippery terrain. ... read more
hua Hin temple
Hau Hin
Nick Denis and Golf

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 3rd 2020

Getting final packing finished, being picked up for the airport at 2.30pm! Leaving behind grey damp cool weather for blue skies and warmth! In Heathrow Terminal 2 lots of masks. We arrived in Bangkok after a 10 hour flight a little ahead of time at 3:10pm... read more
Via via around the corner from our hotel

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 15th 2020

Wait until the tree has fallen before you jump over it… ~ Thai Proverb HE SAID... Today we were continuing to explore the bustling city of Bangkok. Having explored a few old haunts on our first day in Bangkok, we’d succumbed to jet lag and crashed early, which often occurs when travel exhaustion and unrelenting heat collide. It’s such a heady mix. But here I was, wide awake at 3:30am the following morning, my body clock struggling to adjust to Indochina Time. I decided to start work on a quotation request we’d received hours before leaving Australia. It was a major project, and one we couldn’t ignore. Unfortunately, the submission deadline was 29 January – the day before our return flight home. I had to prepare it as we travelled through Thailand and Laos, and my ... read more
wat traimit
wat traimit

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 14th 2020

There are no short cuts to any place worth going… ~ Thai Proverb HE SAID... We touched down at Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok) at 5:30am, and we were seriously excited. We were about to embark on our Thailand and Laos adventure. It took us a while to navigate the large crowds at the customs counters, but it wasn’t too arduous. When we finally found the first floor exit (after some well-meaning but inaccurate advice sent us in the wrong direction), we caught a public bus to Banglamphu in the heart of Bangkok. It was a great (and cheap) way to travel into the chaotic city, and our stress levels dropped considerably when the friendly ticket attendant promised to let us know when our stop was coming up. We clambered off the bus, donned our packs and tried ... read more
wat ratchanatdaram
loha prasat (iron castle)
harry and loha prasat

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 13th 2020

We are once again in Bangkok. Our first day was mostly spent with a quick swim in the pool, a meander along the streets just to see what had changed and then lounging around in the air con room. We were suffering from a bad dose if jet lag which is unusual for us but it was probably due to dehydration. On the seond leg of our flight from Abu Dhabi to Bangkok we were trapped in our seat. We had the window seat and the middle seat. A lovely young Thai lady was allocated the aisle seat. She smiled sweetly as she sat down and then promptly pulled down the tray table, plonked her I pad on it and plugged in her ear phones. As usual with anyone from this area of the world , ... read more
We walked along Soi Rsmbutti from the taxi to our hotel
Tuk tuk struggling through the busy night time streets
A Wat near our hotel

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 29th 2019

610am. That's the time I was sitting outside my hotel room ready to be picked up at 615am. I let the hotel reception know, on the off chance they turned up and I had gone inside. I popped in to go for a squirt, heard some tooting outside. Thought that was my ride. Sprinted out faster than Cool Runnings, only to find no-one there. Thought they might've driven off without me. Called the number I had, they didn't answer. Thought I'd been set up, so called again. The lady answered and told me they are on the way. An hour and 4 calls later, just when I was about to accept I'd lost my money, they rock up. Strangely, everyone on my tour speaks Spanish - given it's not specially Spanish - just worked out that ... read more

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