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September 14th 2014
Published: September 14th 2014
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It's half 10 in the morning and we've been on the bus for 2 hours already.....only about another 7 hours to go. Just stopped off at a food n toilet stop.....the stench of them places are unreal. Bowk!!!!! Totally gutted to be leaving Cambodia had such a good time. Probably mainly due to the unbelievably cheep peeve. We never spent more than 12 dollars for both of us on a scran n allways with wine. That's like 7 quid or something. We'd like to say wed done loads in shianuksville but we done nowt except get hammered with warren, Charlie and Chelsea mainly in Cambodian tina turners bar. The days were a right off. Weather wasn't that good like so we just lay on the bed hangin googling the beautiful beaches that surrounded us instead ha. Look cushty shame we were to much of a mess to gan. We were on serendipity beach a lot but only after midnight at the beach bars n beach party's. Bet that hotels glad were gone though they were sick of making us peeves n scran, don't think their used to people being out their rooms with all the awld gadgeys who stay in all day bangin their Cambodian birds. We were so ill last night we couldn't even go out n say bye to the people we'd met, not even tidy johnny, but unless we were wearing nappies we were goin newhere....#gammyguts. Went for a scran though that we'd found on goooogle were actually sick of the word google theirs 3 of us on this trip....lis,rach and google. Scranner was nice though apart from when the waiter walked past a geet fan n a naan bread blew off right onto Lisa's bonse!!!! Cheers son! So we totally enjoyed our night in with a cuppa from the bar....(yes even they looked shocked when we orderd it) then chilled googling shit n watching masterchef USA. Haha. All them mint bars n we have literally hit the biggest wall. So were off to pattaya for a few nights in Thailand....bring on the 7 elevens and the chicken pizza toasties. Also the cocktail carts on walking street n watch more dorty porvorts. Then were off to Singapore Tuesday 😊 so far we've googled their local beer!!!!!! Good bye Cambodia we will definitely be back!!!


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