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September 18th 2014
Published: September 18th 2014
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Last few days in pattaya......quick run down, went to Tiffany show to see the drag queens, that was canny just full of chinky tours again selfie sticks everywhere, miss/mr Tiffany universe was their....beautiful haha. Weren't alloud pictures coz the he/she on he side was eye ballin us all the way through checking nobody had cameras out. Meant to be goin to the reggae cart & walkin next however we came outside to bloody hurricane Tiffany. Geting an open taxi back was fun.....not, try being on a log flume for 20 minutes solid that's how it felt....all the water spraying in the sides. We were drenched. Hilarious though. Next day elephant village, had to get up dead early....not without fitting in a sportsman English breakfast first!!! Biggest idiots at the elephant their kicked off coz got given the wrong stickers....nearly got put on the cheap one which was just an hour treck... They couldn't really get our concern when we were like "hawayyy Mann we paid for the dear one for the elephants, rafts n ox carts n that" got it sorted in the end and got fired straight on a elephant.....within a minue before the elephant enters the lake Rachel's Nivea tin falls out her bag crashing to the floor. Poor elephant man had to get down n get her it dunno how he got himself back up. Within another 10 minutes lisa drops the whole bag of bananas of the elephant which were meant for the end when ya feed them. They got Scrant their n then from the elephant behind aswell. Was so funny but ya probably had to be their. Bet the man on our elephant wishs he hadn't been their he was propper sick!!!! The trip was getin videod by the company but the little lad was literally only following us......popping up everywhere askin us to to the end n the whole DVD was practically us so bought it anyway coz we look like propper tards!!!!! Rach held a catapillar at the silk farm cowie....shat on her hand haha. Ox cart riding was at the end......yas don't even understand we've wanted to do this for years. Was mint haha. Scran was mint their aswell. Losdsa foreign stuff......aswell as chips and chicken wings must've known jones was coming!!! Went back to the sportsman in pattaya after that.....few pints n couple sangsoms then 2 hour taxi to the massively sweaty thanapa apartments at bkk airport ready to fly to Singapore!!!!!


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