We're still alive.. just been in remote paradise for a couple of weeks!!!

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November 29th 2007
Published: November 29th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

Hello everyone! How many of you are wondering if we have fallen back into the hospital or something??? NOPE!! We have just been relaxing on the beaches of Ko Chang with no way to contact the outside world... AND LOVIN' IT!!

We finally finished off our doctors appointments and healing on November 14th and headed to the opposite end of Ko Chang to a very secluded bungalow right on the ocean.. and there we stayed until today!

Before we left Lonley Beach, Ko Chang, Bri was able to get a bamboo tattoo by a friend who took ideas from the one on his back and created just what Brian was thinking of! (Photos to be added as soon as possible.. no usp ports at this cafe).

It took me 18 days of staring at the ocean and dreaming about swimming until I could finally hit the water, but when I finally did, I did not leave the sea for hours on end... And gone ten shades darker in just 2 days... and the BLACK OFF BEGINS! Bri has done lots of snorkling and saw the COOLEST pufferfish EVER that he has seen in his life! "It was the BEST day EVER!" Also seeing lots of sea cucumbers, squid, eels ..and the fiishies , and the BIG FIISHES!!!! The coral around where we were snorkling was not alive anymore but it was still spectacular!

Bri has taken up climbing palm trees and fetching us breakfast! Nothing like fresh coconut fresh outta the trees.. if only those "damn fire ants didn't live up there too!"

Long Beach has been absolute paradise! We have done nothing much more than hanging in our hammocks, reading and a whole lotta floatin'! We have meet some very cool people along the way so far and Brian became so close to the locals that his name has been changed to "King Kong"... got us a discount on our room too😉.

We have arrived in trat today just long enough to get a few things done... like stop worrying you so much mom! Tomorrow we are making a run for the border so the we can get into Cambodia before our visas run up. We promise to get some photos up as soon as we can! Sorry about the short but sweet update, but when you do NOTHING at all.. there's not much to report!

We love you all and miss you.. a little!!!!!!


29th November 2007

hey there from nha trang vietnam
sounds like you been having a scab picking good time....hope your staying at POP'S in trat it's clean cheap and good. great to hear from you both, we have been thinking of you and are glad your trip is back on trak....we saw another snake but this time it was only 4ft and we were on a bus. we didnt like cambodia much at all but you have to see it. when your phen nom phen go to the lake side. we didn't stay there but it cheap and set up for backpackers, just watch out for bag snatches there quick.....valium and alchohol definately inhibits you, but its fun..ha!ha! leave plenty of time for vietnam its definately the pick...cheap, beautiful, just awesome...did the full moon party in the sand dunes at mui ne...once in life time, but you dont want to be coming down in the heat thats for sure.....we all want to find our own way but keep intouch we might have some useful info. best wishes and goodluck nic + e
29th November 2007

Winter here
Enjoy the climate. We are into winter 20 below with wind chills to make it like -30. I don't like it. I'll pass your message on to your mom, Brian today by phone.
29th November 2007

Awwwww....sounds amazing guys!
5th December 2007

Love it...
Travelling is amazing...but not moving is bettter...thats exactly what b.billy and i did, just live the pure life in paradise...i am there with you guys, i think about you two every day. Hows it looking for April, you had better still be there cause Teri and I are itchin to go away again...Need pics of the tattoo...Peacenluv always, Shane. Have fun in Malaysia you bastards!!!

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