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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Trat December 5th 2016

David here... We arrived at Bangkoks Don Meung airport after a short and pleasant flight. We made our way to immigration and this is where the airport rage started. We joined a queue but quickly spotted that there was only one desk open so decided to move to another queue. As we joined a much smaller queue the attendants opened up a barrier and a swarm of Chinese people made their way over to where we now were. I don't mind waiting in line, I am British after all and consider myself an expert queuer. What I do mind is people pushing in front, which appears to be exactly what these particular Chinese people thought queues were for. 3 'gentlemen' in particular tried to push past us despite other people in the queue behind us. I ... read more
Bangkok - Suzanne was not happy with my measures
Bangkok - Be warned kids, this is what too much Chang does to you
Bangkok - Skate Cafe

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Trat February 11th 2015

Full of expectation i jumped into the hot shower - well to find it was luke warm at best aaarrgghhhh!!! Marginally Better than freezing cold i guess but still didn't want to hang around in there too long! Got a taxi after breakfast for £1 to the bus station to rough it with the locals on the public bus back to Bangkok! To my pleasant surprise the bus was actually a rather nice air conditioned coach with reclining seats and complimentary water ( roughing it wasn't so bad after all!) the journey however, should have taken 5hrs instead took nearly 8!! As the coach broke down on the way and in the middle of nowhere by the side of a busy road we waited for a replacement! It came over an hr later and off we ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Trat February 10th 2015

So after not having a shower for 2-3 days i gritted my teeth and braved a cold water shower! It was as unpleasant as it sounds - but felt nice after being clean again. Packed up my rucksack after unpacking it and re packing for the last 3 days and headed out to the pier which was a massive 5 min walk away! Sat on the pier watching the fish until the speed boat was ready to take a boat load to Trat, a 50 minute - more comfortable journey than the last one ride past about 5-6 islands and we had made it. 10 of us all piled into a waiting taxi and we headed off to the centre which was about 40 minutes away. The driver was a tiny little lady who cant of ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Trat August 25th 2011

Hello everyone! This is going to be a surprisingly short post considering how much has happened in the last month, but its precisely because so much has happened that I am going to let the pictures and accompanying text do all the talking, Mongolia was simply amazing, but not easy. It was a rapid process of readjustment. A few weeks before Mongolia I would have gawped at the prospect of not having a private bathroom in my private air conditioned room. A week in to the trip we were just over the moon if the area we stayed each night had access to running water. Electricity was a real treat. I am sure I am not the only one who was thinking “oh lord, what have I let myself in for” within the first few days ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Trat March 12th 2011

Trat Depuis mardi dernier, je suis dans la ville de Trat. C'est une ville qui est tres tres tranquille et qui a un superbe marche de nuit! Depuis que je suis ici, je trippe sur les odeurs, sur la bouffe, sur la vraie Thailande! Le cout de la vie est ridiculement bas par ici! Pour vous donner une idee des prix, ma chambre au Orchid Guest House me coute 120 Bahts par nuit, un repas et une boisson gazeuse coutent 45 bahts, une grosse biere Leo coute 40 baht!!! (1$ equivaut a 30 bahts). Hier, une super belle soiree ou j'ai ete invite a un repas avec la famille de Sao qui est proprietaire d'un charmant petit cafe dans le quartier des guesthouses! Ici, il y a tres peu de touristes et les gens sont charmants! ... read more
Marche de nuit (2)
MArche de nuit (3)

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Trat February 23rd 2010

Hi everyone, I'm sad to tell you all that me and Russ have decided to go our seperate ways. Travelling together has put us to the test and it was just tougher than we imagened. We are on good terms and still care very much for each other, and it was a tough desition to make but maybe for the best. Hopefully we can work things out at a later date. So this will be the end of our blog. If we decided to have new ones we will forward the addresses on here. Lis x... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Trat February 11th 2010

We knew it was going to be a long day, but didn't anticipate it being quite as bad as it was. After waiting for the bus to pick us up at 7.15 we eventually left Sihanoukville at about 8.30. The bus took us north then west between the coast and the Cardamon Mountains, heading for the narrow strip of Thailand that pokes into Cambodia. All good so far. However, at the top of a hill there was a bang and a jolt that sounded suspiciously like a tyre going pop. Sure enough, the driver and his helper got out some tools and started trying to change the tyres (they were doubled on the back axle so they needed to remove the outer to get at the damaged inner). These tools included a wrench and a large ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Trat December 27th 2009

Søndag den 27.12.2009 For at komme til Thailand skal man køre 8 km til grænsen. Tuk-tuk føren fra dagen før vil gerne køre os, men da prisen er steget med en hel dollar ift. hvad vi aftalte med ham dagen før dropper vi ham. Vi får personalet på hotellet til at ringe til en person med en minibus, som vi også har talt med dagen før. Om det er fordi, at de ikke har telefon ved vi ikke med af en eller anden årsag er det tuk-tuk føren vi ikke gider at køre med, der ringer efter minibussen. Om han bare var hjælpsom eller om de arbejder sammen ved vi heller ikke, men minibussen kom, og vi kom til grænsen. Vi tjekkede ud af Cambodja og ind i Thailand på en halvtimes tid, hvilket var meget ... read more
Her spiser vi med den thailandske famile
Pang paa vej i skole
Her boede vi i Trat

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Trat March 16th 2009

Trat, Ko Mak and Ko Samet... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Trat December 30th 2008

We got up early to catch the bus to the Cambodian border where we expected to be fined for overstaying. The good news was that no-one noticed and we are $40 up!!! Having jumped off the bus at Koh Kong we grabbed our packs which someone was attempting to whisk away in a little cart. Our driver was trying to get us to let the bags go but as we had no onward travelling arrangements we kept ours with us and as we made our way to the Thai border saw all the others get dumped on the road side and left... Needless to say there were lots of stresssed out holiday makers shouting 'thats my bag!' Got issued with a 2 week visa for Thailand (apparently land borders now only give 2 weeks - someone ... read more

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