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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Sattahip March 6th 2010

OK so Im not sure I will get the pics up till tomorrow but I will tell you that we drove about 2 and a half hours to get to satahip on the eastern side of the gulf of Thailand. we took the highway, which was relativley painless and we hit a little trafic in Pattya about 8 mi from satahip, and then we drove past this elephant riding place, which was cool but the elephants didnt look like they wanted to be ridden all day and I felt really bad for them. I have to add that one of the really weird things about the roads is that even on the highway there are u turns and that is nessisary some times. But sometimes there isnt a u turn for like 15 mi. so that ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Sattahip March 5th 2010

Mary and I have found heaven,,,,, more to come tomorrow. I have been catching up on the old stuff for 2 hours and now it is 11:30pm and we have a long day planned in Bangkok tomorrow.... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Sattahip September 11th 2008

I moved house on Tuesday, to the one that's on Mr Boonserms land. I think basically he has this house that's empty and so was happy to have someone living in it, and for us that's very good news! Have a look at the 'before' pictures! I went to Mrs. Noi's on Tuesday morning and was tapping away on the computer, but she kept coming up to me and saying "you need to go or you won't be ready when the truck comes," so I went and packed my things - my Thai worldly goods - and I was ready by 10.30am....the truck arrived at 2.30pm. Moving, as with seemingly everything else in Thailand, involved quite a bit of beer drinking. The 'lads' arrived at the camp in the truck after having sorted out the electrics ... read more
New House
New House
The night before we moved

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Sattahip September 8th 2008

I forgot to put a few pictures on, actually I 'lost' them on the desktop. I swear they were hiding! I might as well give a quick update.... Yesterday Tia & me were at Mrs Noi's as he's helping her to do her garden. His task is to cut the whole lawn...with a pair of shears! I whiled away the time on the computer, mainly playing on-line scrabble with Louise, trying to redeem my absolute thrashing from the previous game. Once the gardening was finished for the day we went to see the house on Mr Boonserms land that we might be moving in to, we had a key this time so that we could look inside. It has a reasonable sized bedroom, a kitchen area and a small bathroom....slight problem though in that the toilet ... read more
whisky hats
Tai Tai Elephant Garden
Chicken Jaw fortune Telling...

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Sattahip September 7th 2008

I'm almost caught up! Now all I have to do is try and get back into the habit of keeping up! Whilst I've been catching up with writing my blog I've been reading back things that I'd jotted down in my notebook. It's interesting to read back my feelings from when I first moved to the camp. On one day I'd just written a highlighted note 'lunch - bugs!' I'm pretty sure that I won't have indulged... I'd also written about making a cup of tea by and having to boil the water for it in a wok. I can't believe I went to so much trouble, so much easier now I've got a kettle! Foodie Dreams When I first moved to the camp I didn't have any transport and obviously didn't get to Tesco's much. ... read more
The village at sunset
Tring to get Em into the back of a truck

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Sattahip September 3rd 2008

More animal updates..... Mrs Noi has kittens. One of her 2 cats has just had 3 kittens which are loved by everyone. We were a bit worried about one of them at the beginning as it wasn't feeding so we had to give it milk formula via a syringe. She's doing ok now though,a nd apparently it isn't just me that's 'animal gender confused,' I recently corrected Mrs Noi on her assertion that all 3 kittens were girls when one of them got its 'lipstick' out. Luckily he's called Silver so it's not too girly a name! The other 2 are called Taylor and Golden and they're now at the playful stage and just big enough to jump up onto tables...especially fun when you're trying to do something on thre computer. Why do cats do that, ... read more
No farting in my cab!
Atop an elephant
Louise and her mahout Liam

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Sattahip August 23rd 2008

The last update came up to around March time when I had moved from Tia’s family’s house into my own ‘shack’ so I was feeling more settled. To prove this settled-ness….I got a puppy! How could I say no when someone brought a ball of fluff to me and said it needed a home? Bobbi So now I have Bobbi. When I was asked what I wanted to call ‘it’ I said the first thing that came into my head, and that was a name that I thought would be easy for them to say…but I didn’t think they’d let me/take me seriously and would want a Thai name. So I said ‘Bob’ and they said ‘ok!’ At that time, true to my track record, I didn’t know if ‘it’ was a boy or a girl. ... read more
Chan Dee having a rest!
With new puppy Bobbi
My 'basic' room in Ayutthaya

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Sattahip August 16th 2008

I knew that I should start writing my blog again as I watched a 14 year old Thai lady-boy (suspected) swinging in the hammock outside my house singing along to a CD. The house was swinging, although that was more to do with his bulk rather than his singing abilities! There have been quite a few changes….. I now live at the elephant camp, in a house made from eucalyptus, bamboo and pineapple leaves. House may be stretching it a little I suppose, possibly it’s more of a shack! I’ve actually recently moved house and was in a smaller one before, now I even have a garden!!! And before that I was living with a Thai family…. Arnon and Ao are no longer in my life. For various reasons I decided to leave them. Things just ... read more
Early morning walk back from the forest with Tia & Su Da
The gardens opposite the camp at Khao Chee Chan
Tia's familys house

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Sattahip December 24th 2007

A Scuba Diving entry without underwater pictures? Yes, that's unfortunately, what we have here. I seemed to have completely forgotten my underwater camera(a Reefmaster Mini). Arriving to the dive shop I knew something was missing, but it certainly wasnt people! It was a very busy and crowded morning, with many different groups leaving at once. An intense multi-day Rescue Diver course, snorkelers and day divers. Soon we were loaded on the back of a truck with a wire cage, apparently a popular taxi along the Thai Coast? The drive was an hour away, passing many portraits of the King, a few large trees and conversations of dive stories, bars and work. Finally arriving, I remembered a stink in the air. Yes, it was the sour and rich smell of a fishing village. On the plus side ... read more
Enchanting Cove with Resident
Lone Ranger
the Water and the Rocks

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Sattahip September 20th 2006

Hey Guys hows it going ? Well this week has been all about the saftey, so I thought I would post some of those pics. I move onto the ship this coming Sat, so next time I will talking to you from the ship. ... read more
Tropical Island
Great photo Op

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