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September 20th 2006
Published: September 20th 2006
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Hey Guys hows it going ? Well this week has been all about the saftey, so I thought I would post some of those pics. I move onto the ship this coming Sat, so next time I will talking to you from the ship.

Additional photos below
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Underwater picUnderwater pic
Underwater pic

One of the guys I was with had his camera which was water proof for 3 m. So he was unable to take it all the way down but at least the underwater part we had to shoot.
Tropical IslandTropical Island
Tropical Island

This is the Island which I had the chance to dive around. We went for some training in the morning and then took a boat out there. It was 1.5 hour boat ride. We dove down 11.5 m which I thought was quite far. Saw some fish and other sea life. Very cool. We had lunch on the boat where I started talking to this guy who had a "canada" shirt on. I found out that his family use to live in YK. Weird. You never know who your going to meet I guess. Fun day though love it
Great photo OpGreat photo Op
Great photo Op

Just a quick snap of me getting out of the water after finishing my 11.5 m dive. You cannot see it but the shirt I am wearing says " I love the King " in thai. The people really do love the king around here as he has been on the throne for 60 years this year. So they like it when people like me wear shirts like that.

This is just one of those funny things you see around. It actually quite common around here. This little tiny bike is pulling that big heavy boat. I even saw a guy doing that on the highway. Funny

This is just a pic of our fire fighting training. We had the chance to put out actual fires. Gas fires and all. Quite fun

We had races to see how fast each of us could put all the gear on. It took me 50 sec. I think the fastest was like 46 or somthing.
Beat that 50 secsBeat that 50 secs
Beat that 50 secs

This is the guy I went up against in the fastest to put on all the equipment. I think he was somthing like 53 so quite good.
Abandon Ship !!Abandon Ship !!
Abandon Ship !!

No, the ship was not sinking. Part of the training was to lower the boats and float around for a bit. We then had to climb from the life raft back onto the ship up a rope ladder. Intersting.
Abandon Ship !!Abandon Ship !!
Abandon Ship !!

Just another Abondon ship pic
Don't look downDon't look down
Don't look down

This is not me but this is a friend. This is the ladder we had to climb up. It was only about 3 stories so not so bad I guess.
Ah the Doulos Ah the Doulos
Ah the Doulos

So this week I finally met the Doulos. Its going to be nice to finally move onto the ship after about a month of living out of my suit case.

22nd September 2006

heyyy ben
hey ben hows it going? looks like you're having a great time. i just came back from our adventure week in wales. i guess we're both living the exotic life out of canada. keep me updated eh (eh...) Tami

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