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October 7th 2006
Published: October 7th 2006
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Hello hows it going out there ? Well I am please to say that I have succesfully made it 2 whole weeks aboard the ship. So far things are great. I kinda like the job I am doing and really quite enjoy the time I get to spend with the people of the area !! I have done a few minisrty things in the past 2 weeks so that was quite exciting. !! I also found a place that had internet. Although it was a bus ride and 2 trains away from the ship. Ah well what can you do. Ok have fun !!

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Welcome home partyWelcome home party
Welcome home party

This is just a pic of the welcome we got when arriving to the ship for the very first time. It was quite the party !! Very fun
A local temple A local temple
A local temple

This is actually the kings palace. Well it use to be, he has moved and no longer lives at this one. Every palace is required to have its own temple. It wa very big.
Parliment BuildingParliment Building
Parliment Building

This is the Spot where the Coup took place a few weeks ago. Aparently there were tanks and the whole works here just a few days before i had the chance to see it !
Ice Cream sandwichIce Cream sandwich
Ice Cream sandwich

Ice cream sandwich literally. When we were at the parliment building a lady came and ask it we wanted some ice cream, well being a hot day sure why not. So she grabed a hot dog bun, put a scoop if icecream and a scoop of RICE and another scoop of icecream. closed it up and gave it to me. LOL Can't get enough rice around these parts.
Local Slum kidsLocal Slum kids
Local Slum kids

One of my Minisrty days I had the opertunity to work with local slum kids. It was so good to see and play with them and teach them about the love of god.
One of the localsOne of the locals
One of the locals

During our time with the kids we did a program. This is a pic of a life jacket race we had. She was too small so I had to help her out a bit
Al capitanAl capitan
Al capitan

This is our Captian during programs and what not. Unfotunatly I was too tall to be him but still it cool
Local River CrossingLocal River Crossing
Local River Crossing

This is a local Ferry or crssing the river. Intersting because they are all over the place. I have also heard about water "taxis" but have yet to take one possibly this week though

7th October 2006

Hi Ben: Glad to hear everything is going well. Well, I am in semester 3, finally. I will be going to Kingston and Ottawa for Christmas, finally, I will be with family....I miss you and hope you are having a wondering trip. Take care my friend.
7th October 2006

Looks like your having fun!
Hey Ben, I still can't believe you are on the other side of the world. but i am happy for you and proud of you for doing something you really wanted to do in life. i wish you safe journies in the future, and keep the blogs coming, i am using it for some research in school, cuz i may end up on that side of the world sometime soon!!! Take Care! Have fun! Be Safe!

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