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September 12th 2006
Published: September 13th 2006
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My Travels so far

This is th beginning of my travels soon I will be aboard the ship and only God know where will be be !!

Hey guys its sweet to see that people are following my site. I will try and keep the pics coming. Of course i have ton more that I am posting so you will need to seem them when I get back. Here are a few of the first few days here in thailand. The Place we are staying is right on the beach so it quite nice. We had and "Exploration day " where we had to go out into the area and find diffrent items. One of the places was a big budda statue. I have desided not to post those pics because of what the whole Budda thing really means. The whole day was great though, lovin every minute !

Additional photos below
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Group photo op Group photo op
Group photo op

This is a Group Pic of the guys I was with at the GO conferance in amsterdam. About 49 of the people in this pic are still with me and will be for the next 2 years !!
After 10 hours of flyingAfter 10 hours of flying
After 10 hours of flying

This is just one of those pics where you really did not feel like a pic but put on a smile anyways. Ya the flight was almost 11 hours long actually so I have a very short Birthday because of the time change. it was ok though !
Quick view of the entrance Quick view of the entrance
Quick view of the entrance

This is just a quick view of the entrance to the place where I am staying. Very nice, with the beach. When swimming a few times now. Very hot water. If you think you go there to cool down think again.
Werid Fruit Werid Fruit
Werid Fruit

This is a pic of some of the werid looking food that I have eaten in the last few days. The rule is at least try it once, and well it was not bad

Don't want to make people cry out there but this is the beach where we are located!!
At Beach !! At Beach !!
At Beach !!

This is Me at the beach!! I wanted to swiming and cool of because the weather was super hot. However the water was so warm I did not cool off at all. Nice though, I can say that I swam in the indian ocean
City ViewCity View
City View

On one of our Exporation days we had the chance to actually see what the surrounding area is like !! Very Exciting and fun !! This is the Sattahip ( city I am in) which is basically a sub. of bangkok.
TAXI !!!TAXI !!!
TAXI !!!

This is a city Taxi for the area. Really cool to ride in and cheap too. It cost 10 baut per person and even less if you travel as a group. 10 baht is = .29 CAD. So ya very cheap.
Busy StreetsBusy Streets
Busy Streets

I took this pic as I was hanging out of the back of a taxi. It was fun and yet quite safe, just for those of you who were worried. The traffic laws here are very none exsistant. Infact i heard that if you move here from North Amarica, you need to take lessons on how to traffic works. You need to be a very confidant driver.

13th September 2006

Good on ya Ben!
We are excited to see you with all your new friends Ben and read about your missionary adventures along with the many pcitures. Uncle Rick and I have visited Thailand when John was just a baby and Grandma and Pa Bowering babysat him in Victoria while we went into the Orient for a short visist. There is much poverty and the need for the gospel to be shared. We enjoyed Bangkock and its unique flavours and scenery. Thanks for your time to share on your blog . Your aunt and uncle in Wpg.

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