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September 6th 2006
Published: September 6th 2006
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Riding my bike Riding my bike Riding my bike

This is a pic of me riding my bike in the country side. You can rent bikes here and so I went on a tour. it was cool. Saw lots, we went to a town that was like 10 km away so i ended up biking like 25 km, good excise. Easy though cause its so flat.
Hey Guys hows it going ? well this is the last week that I am going to be here at de Bron. The last week has been really cool. Not only have I made more firends but I have seen lots of the country side. Lots of cows and I managed to see a windmill. People around here have asked what my thing for windmills was, cause I guess I talked about them lots... But when I think of holland I think of windmills anc castles or forts. So one crossed off the list. Also I have realized that I have and "accent " aprently. People laugh at me when I say " about " Don't ask me I think it sounds normal but I guess not.....

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Cow and more cows Cow and more cows
Cow and more cows

The intersting this here is all the cows, its crazy, now being from way upr north its kinda of a cool thing but if your from the down south somewhere you may nor be so excited. But ya the only thing seperating the cows from me was a think piece or barbed wire. Which I later found out was electic.... don't ask how.
Streets of DalfsonStreets of Dalfson
Streets of Dalfson

This is a pic of the streets of a town called dalfon. It was a sunday afternoon so that is why it does not look to busy, infact everything is closed on sundays, so no one goes out, except us of course so the streets were clear and we filled them with a crowd of bikes
Dalfson againDalfson again
Dalfson again

Just another pic of dalfson
The windmillThe windmill
The windmill

This is windmill i found, one afternoon I just started walking this bike trail and about 1/2 hour later I found this. Very cool. Not moving I wonder if it still even works. Still cool though
Widmill againWidmill again
Widmill again

This is funny because in on of the classes I had here I found out that I am a modivator. One of the speakers said that modivators like to goto cool and fancy things take a picture infront of it an then leave. LOL thats totally me and what I just did. I even knew that there was a tour of the thing and only cost a buck.. sorry a euro. And yet never when. LOL
Recgonize this beastRecgonize this beast
Recgonize this beast

Hey look it the Buzuki.... awsome. Ok for those of you not from YK you won't understand. email me if you want to know about it
"crazy Canadian ""crazy Canadian "
"crazy Canadian "

This is a pic of one of our group who thought it would be cool to hike by the river back to de bron though fields and cow places. Well sure enough when we steped foot into the cow area the came over. I was kinda freaked out, well not too much but ya. This is a cool one cause the cow is actually licking his leg.
Me and the guysMe and the guys
Me and the guys

This is A pic of the guys and me. One of my other roomates is sitting right next to me and the guy getting licked byt a cow earlier is on the far right.

6th September 2006

The Motivator...not the Terminator...
Go for it, Ben... Cows... and the stuff they do that you might step in.... and windmills, and tours of windmills for only 1 euro, that you didn't go on, anyhow. Bikes and Buzukis. It all sounds like fun to me. Keep on motivating!!
7th September 2006

Is it really a Buzuki? I think I like the blue better. Love the windmills - you should have taken a tour.
8th September 2006

Nice!! world wide thos guys are. Did you go pet the cow too?!? Pics are awesome, keep them coming. I agree too, the blig was a great idea ;)

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