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August 30th 2006
Published: September 1st 2006
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My Trip

This is Just a quick Visual as to where I traveled just about a week ago now. YK to Edmoton to the big TO and then off to London, England and Finally Off to Amsterdam.

Me and another Canadian Me and another Canadian Me and another Canadian

This is my and Calab on our way from the big TO
Hey everyone, hows it going out there ? Well Yes as most you all know I did make it safely and luggage attached. I have been here in amsterdam for only a few days now. Its great, lovin it already. There are 4 Nationalitys represented in my room. A guy from Finland, Germany, Holand on of course our fav the CANADIANS. Lol I heard a joke today about the orgins of " Canada "
Ok so when the peoples of north america wanted to pick a name for there country the desided that it was too hard for them to make this choice. So they desided that they would pick letters out of a hat and see what they came with. So the first guy went and said " C eh ". Next "N eh" and finally "D eh " made me laugh anyways.

Anywho I have posted some pics that you can check out on this portion of my Journy. I think most of you know that I will be heading to Bangkok Thailand On sept 8th. Again just to let everyone know that this ( sept 8th ) is my Birthday !! So happy Birthday to me !
A view from the planeA view from the planeA view from the plane

This is a view of the scenery of the area surrounding London.
ok have fun checking out the pics !

Additional photos below
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Me and another YK'erMe and another YK'er
Me and another YK'er

Yes it is true, I meet someone I know from Yellowknife on the flight from london to Amsterdam. Now it you have not heard the words " its a small world" now would be the time to look that up and see what is really means. Crazy 1/2 way around the world there she was sitting right behind me on the plane. WOW
Pics From the BusPics From the Bus
Pics From the Bus

Just some random Pics from the Bus on our way to the conferance place called " De Bron"
The Conference Center The Conference Center
The Conference Center

This Just a pic of one of the Pathways at the Conference Center. De Bron is the name and its about 2 hours East of Amsterdam. Which is considerd a long drive if your from the area
A group Photo OPA group Photo OP
A group Photo OP

This is the group Of Canadians I traveled with over from TO. You might be wondering about the african lady in the front. Well she was the only here representing her counrty. So like nice canadains we kind of adpoted her.
Another fun Group Photo OP Another fun Group Photo OP
Another fun Group Photo OP

The Title of this one pretty much self explains it
Me and one of my room matesMe and one of my room mates
Me and one of my room mates

This is my room mate from Finland. He is a fun guy to talk to and hangout with !
LOL don't askLOL don't ask
LOL don't ask

One of the first days that we were here we had to do some team building excersies. like I said about thing pic, don't ask
Amsterdam AirportAmsterdam Airport
Amsterdam Airport

This is just a quick pic of the Amsterdam airport. Thought it was important because belive it or not this was the closest I came to acutally seeing the place. Got on a bus and drove here ( de Bron )
The main pathwayThe main pathway
The main pathway

This is the "center " point of De Bron. Its really quite nice, all the roofs around here are amde out of about 6-8 inchs of grass or somthing. Very neat.

This is my "resting Place" for the time I am here at De Bron. He Bron is the name of the complex, but not so sure I know what it means
By the river side By the river side
By the river side

just a quick picture of teh river that is right next to the place. Very nice, however if you notice the cows on the other side. Ya they make quite the stink if the wind is blowing the right way

1st September 2006

Hey Ben!! Nice to see you made it overseas safely, and it looks like your having a blast :) This blog is a sweet idea!

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