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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Phimai April 26th 2011

J'ai passe les 4 derniers jours a Nakhon Ratchasima (Khorat). C'est une ville qui est tres tranquille et qui ne ressemble a rien de ce que j'ai vu jusqu'a present en Thailande. C'est une ville qui semble ne pas avoir ete touche par les touristes. J'en ai donc profite pour commencer a travailler sur mon livre 'Thai for beginner' et je dois vous dire que ce n'est pas facile! Apprendre une nouvelle langue avec un nouvel alphabet de 44 consonnes et 32 voyelles! Mais ca avance tranquillement. J'ai deja un peu plus de vocabulaire, je suis capable de dire quelques phrases de plus et je suis capable d'ecrire une douzaine de lettres! J'ai decouvert un petit pub sympathique qui s'appelle le Cafe 88. Toujours plein! Que des Thais! Un des employes parle tres bien anglais, ... read more
Psasat Phimai
Prasat Phimai
Prasat Phimai

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Phimai January 27th 2010

After a short bus ride from Khorat, I arrived in Phi Mai at about 2:00. As we pulled into the town, it had an undeniable small town quaintness. Unfortunately my guidebook only had a writeup about Phi Mai, and no map, so while I suspected the small cluster of guesthouses was close to the bus stop, I really had no clue where, so I forked out the 30 baht to have a moto-taxi drive me half a block to a guesthouse. The guesthouse, which was recommended by my guidebook, was full, but the lady running the guesthouse kindly walked me to a nearby one with vacancy. The guesthouse she brought me to could have been mistaken for a restaurant as the entire main level is a duck soup kitchen, and smelt rightly so. I enquired ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Phimai September 18th 2007

ok we have done alot since my last blog so gona start with one for khorat and phimai. we arrived in khorat on friday night got a nice hotel then went off to eat. tuk tuk driver took us to the wrong one but was a good result - ended up i a bar with live music and we chatted to lead singer who turned out to b the owner and was so friendly - free tequilla!! again no westerners though. the next day very hungover we wondered round khorat, saw the few things it has to offer - and old city gate and a pillar! then in the afternoon we got bus to phimai - got local bus and that was an experience - packed full and with no air con but it only took ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Phimai March 6th 2007

I got the thai experience that I don't think I could have even imagined! Since the last time i wrote, Eve and Derrick took me to the bus station and then I was off to Nakon Ratchasima (also known as Korat), about 4 hours northeast of Bangkok - and definitely off the main tourist path. Especially the little town where I stayed... My friend Kai, her baby, and her brother met me at the Korat station and then we took a local bus to her "aunt's" place. Once we got off the bus in the middle of nowhere, we walked down some dirt paths and finally reached her house. It was quite rural... as in: houses on sticks around it (but theirs was an actual house!), people in hammocks sleeping or chatting, chickens running wild... a ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Phimai December 15th 2006

A bit cooler in Phimai than Bangkok. Travelled across the rice paddies to Jantamlah where Lamud spent her childhood. Everyone was laying out their rice to dry and there's enough mangy cats and dogs to fill about 15 tuk-tuks. This is real rural Thailand and nothing like Bangkok or Phuket's tourist den. Visited the "Banyan Tree" - which is the oldest tree in the world (?) and the ancient Khmer ruins in Phimai. We are having such a great time we even ended up doing Karaoke. I (Roy) was abosutely brilliant. Keith was rubbish (well, he was quite good at Hotel California but not very good at his Bono impersonation). Lamud is enjoying being back home so much that she no longer speaks English with us. Some kind of mish-mash of Cockney-Thai. Can't understand a thing ... read more
The house that Lamud  built
Thai dried rice

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Phimai December 13th 2006

We have safely arrived in Phimai after 3 days in Krung Thep (Bangkok). Journey from Bangkok was 5-hours. Will update in full later. Here are some pics.... read more
Louisa at Wat Pra Keow
Alex and his best Uncle

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Phimai July 30th 2006

So I decided to make a couple stops in eastern Thailand in South Isaan before heading south to the islands, and I'm so glad I did. I really have loved this area. There are very few tourists and the people are incredibly friendly as usual. During the bus ride from the islands to Pakse (near the border to Thailand) I met three Canadians. Two of which were heading to Vietnam and the other (Deep) to Thailand. Deep and I headed over the border and got a lift to Nang Rong. This is a pretty unexciting town in itself, but just out of town there are a couple of angkor era temples. I was pretty hesitant because I hadn't been impressed by any sort of temple since Angkor in Siem Reap, but I thought I'd give it ... read more
The Banyan Tree (singular...)
banyan chaos
Looking out into the town from the ruins

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Phimai May 7th 2006

Sorry no pics as yet, I just want to get some entries up in but I will have to wait to post pics until I get access to my bro's laptop. The last places I visited before leaving Thailand were Khorat and Phimai about and hour outside of Khorat. Phimai was the main reason I went east in Thailand, as it is some of the oldest ruins in good shape from when the Khmer from Cambodia reigned. It was also suppose to look like Angkor Wat in Cambodia, a place I really want to visit but needed a visa I wasn't able to arrange while in Thailand. Ah next time. My trip to Phimai was on a packed bus, but really, from my few experiences, I don't think there is nothing but packed buses in Thailand. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Phimai September 18th 2005

Geo: 15.2171, 102.508Today we headed by bus to Phimai. It's a real trick trying to use transportation that hasn't been made tourist-friendly. The other trick is figuring out how paying is supposed to work. We just said Phimai to people until eventually the pointing all kept going towards bus #41. There didn't seem to be anyone checking tickets, which in my limited experience means just get on the bus and worry about it later. Sure enough, once the bus is rolling, someone comes by to take the money. At Phimai we were relieved to find that the temple was right near, but disappointed knowing we had checked out of our hotel and brought our big bags with us. We had expected it to be a day trip from Phimai to the temple, not have the temple ... read more
Temples at Phimai
Entrance to Temple
Snake Cornerpieces

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