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September 2nd 2003
Published: June 6th 2013
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Our flight to Thailand was not like expected. When we wanted to check-in at the Brussels airport, we found out that our tour operator had made a mistake. Apparently they booked the outbound flight a day later than planned. In 2003 our airline didn't work with e-tickets yet, so we had to discover this at the airport. If we had to take another flight the day after, we would miss the first day of the (organized) tour. The first part of the flight (Brussels-Frankfurt) would be okay, but at the Brussels airport they couldn't confirm yet, that we were able to take the second part of the flight (Frankfurt-Bangkok). We had to be confident that the people could arrange this when we were on the first flight. They would send our luggage directly to Bangkok, but we had to check-out and (if flights were ok) check-in again at Frankfurt. Stress, stress, stress... Luckily for us, we made it without extra problems...

So finally we arrived at Bangkok. The official name of Bangkok is much longer. Our guide told us that it is the officially the longest city name in the world, meaning "City of Angels". The first impression that we got, was that of a noisy city full with exhaust gasses, hence the traffic police with masks. Humidity was very high. Everywhere there were tuk-tuks asking us if we wanted a ride, even when we just left a tuk-tuk... From the hotel we could see the skyline of Bangkok.

It was there the first time that we saw Buddhist Monks. We also saw several Spirit Houses, intended to provide a shelter for spirits possibly causing problems if not appeased.

The Grand Palace has been the official residence of the Kings of Thailand. It was our first contact with Thai Temples, and impressed us a lot. Another impressive Temple was Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn). This Temple is covered with a mosaic of broken Chinese porcelain.

We also did a boat trip on the Thonburi Canals. Bangkok has plenty of rivers and canals, so they are still important these days. Some houses even have postall addresses on canals instead on the road. The fish swimming in front of the Temples are considered to be holy. These should not be caught, on the contrary, they know people will feed them.

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Wat ArunWat Arun
Wat Arun


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