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2nd April 2013

Thank You For The Pictures
Sitting here on a warm Australian morning, waiting for autumn to arrive, looking at your pictures of one of my favourite cities, Copenhagen (Last there Oct 2012). I have to agree with the mermaid and tourist numbers, gotta love those tourist on those motorised two wheel things. When in Copenhagen HIRE A BIKE!
19th November 2012
Isla Mujeres

Nominated for Photo of the Week...
I'm so pleased that you have chosen to blog about your past journeys...otherwise this picture from 2004 would not have been found. I also lived in Belgium...for 11 years from 1984 to 1995 when I worked at NATO. I joined TB in 2009 and in between annual trips, I decided to work my way back; completing six decades of journeys at the end of 2011. So keep it writing those blogs.
15th August 2012

I'd like to visit again around Christmas
Hi, I really enjoyed your nice pictures and artcle about the Christmas market in Lille. unfortunately I was been in Lille only im summer. but still an amazing city it is. If you're interested, you can check my article about Lille here http://www.escargotholiday.com/france/destinations/Lille.html

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