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January 19th 2010
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So I have decided that I will promote the 35 Baht diet to anyone that comes to Thailand. I mean you will never starve on this diet but Thai portions are a lot smaller than US portions and well 35 baht equals 1 dollar and is usually what you pay for a meal at the food carts. its definitely good food and you end up full for sure its just that we are so used to getting these huge portions of food in the states that when we see something smaller here we wonder why...

On another topic I took my first motorcycle taxi ride today😊 after getting lost coming back from getting my Vietnam visa i decided to walk around. I saw people go under a bridge and was thinking, " I wonder what is going on there" so i followed and well with my great sense of direction, JK, i got on a little speed boat and just followed what everyone else was doing. i mean its incredibly quick and you don't have to put up with traffic and although the water reaks as if someone threw their garbage in it every morning, which probably happens it was fun. fortunately for me I ended up in a spot that I recognized and then decided to take the motorcycle back.. now this is a great experience just negotiate and off you are weaving through traffic like its nobody's business almost crashing like 3 times or being close to getting squished by 2 cars one on each side of the motorcycle. all in all it was a blast i got here in less than 10 minutes vice a cab that probably would have of been at least 1 hour and I was safe and sound. So next time your in a crazy country like Thailand get on the back of one of these motorbikes and for sure go for a ride!!!

I am going to Vietnam next and then more crazy adventures to come. BTW post some comments or subscribe to the blog, this way anytime I write or piost something you will get a notification and you can keep up with my adventures😊 much love to all



20th January 2010

so what kind of food do they have at the carts? and the motorcycle ride sounds bomb dude :)
21st January 2010

Hey man where are the pics of the local hotties? I know you're not spending those thai nights all by your lonesome!
26th January 2010

Hey I'm posting a comment! I love reading you blog--you should write more often. Can't wait to hear more! -Ashley

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