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August 10th 2007
Published: August 11th 2007
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Hi everyone.

From Cairo I flew to Bangkok, Thailand. I have spent 2 days in Bangkok just taking it easy relaxing, realizing how great Bangkok is compared to Egypt. You know, before I visited Egypt those 2 words would never have been in the same sentence" Great, Bangkok". OK that's enough . No more Egypt bashing. Live in the moment, not in the past.

Bangkok is nice I was only planing on being here long enough to get my Myanmar(Burma) Visa. That takes 4 days. So I decided to take a 2 day trip up to the Kanchanaburi this is along the River Kwai. It's another World War 2 site. The Japanese army during WW2 Used POWs to build a railway from Bangkok to the far side of Burma. Over 100 000 people died while building this railway. You may have heard of "Hellfire Pass" or Bridge on the River Kwai".
While I was in the region I also did the local tourist stuff. I went saw Burmese Tigers, did a rafting trip down the river, took a elephant ride, checked out a waterfalls.I spent the might in a guesthouse on a large raft in the river.In all it was a really good time.
Now, I'm back in Bangkok waiting for my passport to be returned. I am planing on spending 2 weeks in Myanmar. I all ready know the Internet access is very poor there and hard to come by. I'm not sure how often I will be able to put in a blog entry.

On the first of August the Travel Blog had a "Server Crash". I lost a lot of my written stuff and a bunch of photos from the first part of this trip. I will reenter these when I get a chance. It may not be till I get home in September. I am still using the blog, hopefully it doesn't crass again.
I am having a issue down loading photos off one of my cards. So the photos for this entry will be added as soon as I can.



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13th August 2007

Nice pics
As usual Timmer you take good pics. I have been getting my trip together..2.5 wks..Land in London on the 15th of Sept fly out Oct 2. Looking at renting a flanders, Normandy. train to Switzerland and hang around there for a bit and then get back to London..with perhaps a Oktoberfest day trip in there..any links/tips/recomendations?
24th August 2007

Keep up the Blogs
Enjoy your blogs and keep up with the good pics. Couldn't agree more about Egypt - been there done that won't go back again. Enjoy Bangkok, the world truly is your oyster in that city!

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