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December 14th 2005
Published: December 29th 2005
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Xiaonanmen >> Wulai Hotsprings >> Bitan >> Miramar Ferris Wheel >> Shilin Nite Mkt

Day 5 of our trip and we were back to where we started, the city of Taipei, home to 2.6 million inhabitants. While many Taiwanese had associated this city as another metropolis that is not livable, our impression of her had been great right from the start. Her unique charm has drawn repeat visitors overtime.

Our day started early today to visit the Xiaonanmen (Little South Gate) which once hold fort of the Taipei City Walls. Okie it is nothing spectacular but since it was a MRT station away from my hotel, it was relatively harmless for us to view it to reminisce of the major changes that have taken place in the city over the past 100 years.

Wulai hot springs was the highlight of the day. Situated in the southern suburbs of Taipei, it was quite a distance for us to travel but well worth the effort. Famed for its fabulous waterfalls and hot springs, the cool rainy weather made it all the more charming. To escape from busy Taipei to serene Wulai for a soak is quite an experience. Strongly recommended.

We didn’t manage to find the outdoor hot springs but we chanced upon an affordable indoor jazcuzzi pool. So we had our maiden hot spring soak in an indoor controlled environment. It was a great experience given the cool Dec weather. Unfortunately, we were down with headaches after the soak which our pandadols came in handy.

In the afternoon, it was back to Xindian where we crossed over to Bitan to have a close look at the suspension bridge which was sadly another reminder of the Kallang Bridge. The street snacks were great though so it kind of save the otherwise minor disappointment.

The MRT again brought us north to Jiantan MRT Station where we were in time to catch the shuttle bus to Miramar Entertainment Park. It was my second time to ride this Ferris Wheel. It was nevertheless still fun as I don’t get a chance to do this back home. The sushi next to Miramar cost NT30 per plate. We demolished countless of plates before making our final stop to Shilin Night Market in Northern Taipei suburbs.

It was at Shilin that I saw so many foreigners - Orang Puteh (the ang mohs) congregating in this Taiwan’s most famous night market dating back to 1899. It was said that no visit to Taipei should overlook a visit to this sprawling market that sells everything under the sun. And its closed proximity to the MRT Station made all the more to stop by. And yes, it’s worth the trip but the most “must visit” place was to be found in the next day….

You can say that we had saved the best to the finale

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