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Asia » Taiwan » Taipei October 22nd 2023

Tropical Taiwan hits us with heat and humidity. We've flown three hours south and the difference is remarkable. The vegetation is tropical and the country immediately feels less affluent, less well developed. Gone are Korea's phonetic symbols, here it is all Chinese characters. This island, only twice the size of Wales, is one of the most politically sensitive in the world. We land in the industrial city of Kaohsiung and immediately head an hour north to Tainan. The train is comfortable, fast and cheap and, of course, on time. Tainan is a city with an ancient past. The Dutch were here in the early 1600s, trading with Han Chinese and encouraging them to grow rice, sugar and tobacco which the Dutch wanted to export to Europe. Tainan is Taiwan's oldest city and was the capital of ... read more
Buddhist temple altar
Botanical gardens
Night food market

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei November 23rd 2019

Over the past 25 years, I have visited China, Hong Kong, and Macau, but never Taiwan. All of these can be classified as Chinese, but with a different history. Fortunately, Taipei is also served directly from Vancouver, so it became my City Tour for 2019. The trip didn't start well, as I misjudged the weather. I quickly realized this as I exited the airport for the subway, and nearly everyone had a jacket on and in some cases a down jacket. While I knew it wasn't going to be overly hot, I didn't realize how cool 18 to 20c can actually be when it is windy and humid. Some of the summer clothes I brought would not be needed. My other first impression was the cleanliness of the city. I really couldn't find a piece of ... read more
Taipei Grand Mosque
Taipei from the Hills
Tamsui Market

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei November 21st 2018

Today we were travelling to Taiwan. We had another Cathay Pacific plane, we took off at 9.15 am and arrived at Taipei Airport 30 minutes ahead of schedule at 10.45 am. We had another British pilot (they get around!) and the clocks went back an hour. So far so easy. But then the queues at Immigration were massive and, despite no visa being required, it took forever to get through the photo and fingerprinting process. As a result our luggage was waiting for us by the time we got to it, so there was that ... Our prep indicated we needed to catch the NRT airport shuttle into the city. We found the booth where foreign travellers could buy their tickets but we had to use our credit card, despite having a small amount of local ... read more
Elevated roads and rails
Me in apartment complex
HOHO trip photo

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei October 10th 2018

Arrival in Taipei was drizzly but it did not dampen our spirits. We were met at the port by our driver and 7 of us set off to see what this city had to offer. First stop was Lungshan Temple. The place was bustling with chanting, singing and praying. It was hard to know if we were interrupting or being disrespectful by watching and snapping pictures but no one seemed to mind so we went with it. There was also tonnes of food laying about. We came close to snagging a quick snack, but correctly thought better of it - the Gods need their sustinence. It was a national holiday in Taiwan and maybe this is why this temple was so busy. After this stop we took a gondola ride up over the hillside tea growing ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei September 3rd 2018

August 24th- Taiwan,Taipei- Dia 64 Waking up at 8am I tried calling the number again but receiving with no response ? I guess I was going to go to Taiwan with my Honor phone which I can't open any Google applications ? Drinking the last amazing home made coffee cup until who knows when I grabbed my bag, thanked the parents and Federico, sayed goodbye and was on my way. Taiwan, Taipei bound Beautiful city of Taiwan. Immediately after arriving I tried some fried dumplings in the street. They had told me Taiwanese food was incredible and I could not wait to try it ?  Uuui were they right, so flavourful and juciy. Waking to my Hostel at around 3pm I started seeing big trash cans outside all of the local businesses. Next to the trash ... read more
Your a beauty taipei 101
Hiking in Yangmingshan National Park
The peak #noviews

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei July 18th 2018

Moj posledny den na taiwane. Sice de facto posledny bude zajtra ale to je len presun na letisko. Chrapal som az do 9/30, vybehnutie na ranajky do 711 a nazad do postele. Ubytko nakonec opustam az po 12/00. Smer severna brana a stara posta. Nakonec som si to rozmyslel a mincu nekupujem, kupim nabuduce, bo mam taky pocit,ze na taiwan sa isto este vratim. Vonku bolo dnes vacse teplo nez vcera. V ubytku nic nerobenie a cakanie na 15/30. O 16/00 mam stretko na nabrezi rieky tamsui. Dadaocheng pier plaza. Tuto oblast poznam z minula ale vtedy som bol na opacnej strane a moc ma to nenadchlo. CS i ja prichadzame na minutu presne. Je tu par stankov s pivami, francuzske, thajske, talianske. Kotvime na malej plechovke peroni za sialenych 120td. Opat som cakal,ze to bude ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Da'an July 17th 2018

Rano problem opat najst neake ranajky v okoli. Tak som zas obehol cely blok a nakonec skoncil v 711, kde kupujem po dlhej dobe jogurt a k nemu banan. Vsetko zjedene v lobby, kde su dva tv. Ludia oproti minulajsku su tu neni az taky druzny. Prakticky som zatial neprehodil s nikym ani slovo. Akurat som tu videl chalana z irska co bol v predoslom hosteli v shilin. Ale tez moc druzny neni tak ako minule. Clovek fakt musi opustit taipei aby nasol priatelskejsich ludi. Dnesny plan ist do parku Daan. Podla ludi z predosleho hostela vraj parada. Mam na vyber pesi abo mrt. Vyberam si prvu moznost. Ide sa vyklenkami v budovach tak tien je, inak slnko pece a je okolo 35C. Prichadzam do parku, tak teda prvy dojem nic moc. Slabucky park, dost veci ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei July 16th 2018

Rano toastove ranajky, miesto ananasu bol melon. Mohli dat radsej ananas. Spraveny check out, batoch nechani na ubytku. Recepcna mi dala kod od dveri aby som sa vedel dostat do tohto secret ubytka, pretoze kluc som musel pri check oute odovzdat. Dnesny plan ist kuknut na sever do mestecka Tamsui. V metre vyberam 1000td, dufam,ze mi to bude stacit ale ak nebudem chlastat malo by. Este ale musim vymyslet daky darcek pre ruri, zatal mam magnetku, to dam jej mame Nasadam na cervene metro a uz sa rutim nadzemou smer beitou, tu musim zmenit supravu ale farba ostava rovnaka. Vystupujem na konecnej, ta je vo velmi peknom tehlovom prevedeni. Vydavam sa po stopach ludi co idu predomnou. Nic zaujimave zatial, uzka ulicka a rozne obchodiky. V jednom mi davaju na kostovku keks. Po zjedeny hned otravuju ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei July 15th 2018

Bohuzial ranajky su az od 8/30 a o takom case sa uz mam stretnut s cs. Kupujem teda maly sendvic a cakam pri metre. Je tu free wifi, prichadza mi sprava,ze bude meskat 5.min. Smer rovnaky ako vcera len s tym rozdielom,ze cul startujeme priamo od metra jiantan a ideme inym cislom Na zastavke obrovsky sok, dlhy had turistov. Dostavame sa az do tretieho busu. Ludia sa netlacili ale pekne poslusne staly v rade, ziadna nervozita, pohoda, klidek, tabacek. Na 108cku tez kopa ludi, ale dostavame sa do druheho busu. Este tu taxikar vabil ludi, jednu skupinku nalomil. Cs zmenila plan a chcela ma zobrat na rovnaku turu ako som bol vcera. Nastastie tiez prepasla zastavku a ideme slubenu turu. Erziping trial je uplne pohodova tura. Rovinka po vydlazdnenom chodniku, ten ide paralelne s prirodny chodnikom ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei July 14th 2018

Ranajky toast, cokolada, arasidove maslo, lekvar, neaky salam /nevyzeral vabne/, ananas, musli a susene mlieko. Dal som si 2xcokoladovy a 2x arasidovy toast. Vsetko zapite horucim cajom. Po jedle presun do ok martu, kde kupene dva kolace. Na platbu som pouzil easy kartu bo tam mam dost penez, ktore zrejme na prepravu neminiem. Bus c.260 mi usiel pred nosom, tak cakacka 15.min na dalsi. Nastasti bol prazdny. Vyskakujem na konecnej bus stanici Yangmingshan. Islo sa pekne do kopca, na jednom useku kontrolovali policajti auta, kazde jedno. Kukali len dake nalepky na celnom skle. Na bus stanici sa stavam do ohradky kde uz kopa dochodcov pripravenych na turistiku. Do prveho mini busu c108 som sa nezmestil ale opat o 15.min dosol dalsi, tam uz bezproblemov i ked som stal. Medzi stropom a mojou hlavou medzera asi 5cm. ... read more

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