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August 4th 2008
Published: August 10th 2008
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Greetings all. I have landed in the mother land - TAIWAN...& I must say it's been a bit tough acclemating & getting back into the flow of it all, thus the delay in creating this entry.

A quick update:
6 days before I left Indian soil, I went ahead & did more than half of a vipassana (10-days of noble silence & meditation - goenka style). On the eve of the 3rd or 4th nite, a horrible skin rash broke out! I believe not only was it my subconscious mind purifying but also the intense heat of Southern India. The rash was quite odd - as it would flare up, causing me to scratch my skin pig-pink...but once I sat down & "observed" the sensation, it would subside. It was only fate that I left the vipassana on the 6th day to catch my flight to Singapore.

In Singapore, I arrived at the hostel to find that there were no beds left. Luckily, the owner offered me his spare bedroom to sleep. How lucky I was (& still am)! I quickly became friends w/his mother, who was kind enough to drive me to the MRT station to catch my
dad in tanzaniadad in tanzaniadad in tanzania

Where's the chinese guy?
flight the next morning. The endless stream of meeting interesting people never ceases...his mother, japanese by birth, was orphaned at a young age when both her parents died in World War 2 by the big bomb. Her husband died in '82, leaving her with 4 sons, all of whom she raised alone & proudly; they are all successful young men w/great hearts & ambition. She is so sweet...her strength & fragility reminds me much of my own grandmother.

Then I arrived in a smiling father with a new girlfriend. I am currently staying at her place, w/my own room and a well-stocked fridge & pantry. I must report that my father is doing quite well - his renewable energy & biotech company is gaining a well-repudiated reputation. He just helped the Tanzanian government complete their 1st renewable energy plant - & he's signing a few more contracts in that beautiful but poor country! I'm so proud of him....

11 days in, my father & i are co-existing fairly well. Communication channels are open & only honesty will be tolerated. But the most important thing, especially on my end, is that I've everything - especially the past.
me & catherineme & catherineme & catherine

1/2 sister - she loves to run & sing. has quite a temper on her...hmmm
That surrender has bought not only acceptance, but also opened the door to really loving everyone that I used to resent immensely. So it's quite a nice feeling. Now, only if I can accept my present situation in Taiwan...haha.

I'm having a hard time accepting things in Taiwan here, as I have come back to a country where I'm not familiar w/any of the ways to "make it" - my grasp of the chinese language is mediocre, but reading & writing less than 300 characters. I don't have any friends right now, but I do hang out w/my family quite a bit. And to live at home again - oy! What a change! Also checking out different yoga studios - pretty disappointing as they are all inside, without the freshness of being out in the open. But as my Indian twin brother Marcello says - "Every difficulty is an opportunity." I will only persist & keeping centered & being present at every moment.

I had my first interview today w/the manager of Taiwan News ( Again, I am so fortunate to have scored this interview through a friend of my father. And through this networking, he is going to try his damndest to carve out a paying position for me. Otherwise, I'm seeking to find a english teaching position that'll bring in some kind of money for me to start saving. All the while, I will keep practicing my yoga & persist in my meditations - as it is the way that keeps me in tuned to my essence.

I am thankful for everyday that I open my eyes in the morning to go through another precious day. I am thankful for the love and support that surrounds me...I am thankful for all the loving people that have entered my life & see my truth more than I....I miss you all, hold you all close to my heart & have much love for you.

Thanks for reading guys. Another update when the time is right. =)


10th August 2008

a long way from India
Hi Jen, So glad your father is thriving and that the two of you are open and honest with each other. That's a rare thing. I know you'll find your way in Taiwan. It sounds very challenging. Hey, if you get tired of it, there's always San Francisco! Love Lynn

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