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August 20th 2008
Published: September 3rd 2008
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1: Da Xi in the house 30 secs
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Helloooooo from Taiwan!

Went to Da Xi - a 2nd home (1 of MANY) for the infamous, fighting hero of the island of Formosa - Chang Kai-Shek. It is absolutely beautiful...I can see why Mr. Chang chose the spot. (I would too!)We stopped at this cafe that had a great 270 degree view & just chilled for a bit. We had some tea & some great smoked tofu w/sweet & hot sauce.

As you see from the pics & the video, the scenery...it's just so thick & green. A beautiful river runs through the valley. My dad's gf's god sister was explaining to me about all the places in Taiwan where Mr. Chang had 2nd homes. But I guess when you form a whole new country/government, you have certain privileges.

Many original islanders work and dwell in the pleasant mountain village. They are well known for their luscious, juicy, mouth-watering white peaches. We bought a few boxes - & I have to say...AMAZING.

For dinner, we went to this great restaurant. They're also well known for their bamboo shoots, which I didn't eat much b/c it was cooked with pork. Most of the restaurants there plant their own vegetables & rice - which tastes super fresh. but anyways, it was nice. We were too late to go hiking & to go see the tomb of Mr. Chang...but next time. =)


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