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Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna December 29th 2013

Since I've been in Sri Lanka I've been blown away by how amazing and delicious the food is. It's fresh, tasty and with huge variety. The best thing is the basic "rice and curry", however that is massively underselling what's on offer. Rice and curry means rice (obviously), a curry, be it fish, chicken or very occasionally beef, then usually there are at least three different vegetable dishes, plus dhal, coconut sambal and poppadums. The vegetables are usually curries, but sometimes a type of sweet and sour dish. I've had carrots, beetroot, green beans, potato, pumpkin, eggplant, sweet potato...... I've also had fruit curries, which might sound strange but taste sensational - jackfruit curry or mango curry, yum! Nearly always dinner is served with rice, although sometimes it's string hoppers, which is like a little nest ... read more
Finally, a bird at the bird feeder
Look at the size of them grapes!
Jumbo prawns

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna December 27th 2013

Lalith has some competition in the title of favourite tuk tuk driver. Prasad, from Dickwella, may overtake him. He took me to the big Buddha on Christmas Day and suggested that he take me the way to Unawatuna, not quite a 2 hour drive. Since he didn't drive like a lunatic, and also because he was so genuinely nice, I thought this sounded like a great idea. So, after a sombre start to the day with one minute's silence in memory of those lost in the tsunami, we were off. We stopped off at a few interesting places. I think Prasad was thirsty himself, so he stopped and bought some King Coconut for us both - they are sold on the roadside all over Sri Lanka and are a deliciously refreshing drink, not to mention very ... read more
The sun comes down over the Pagoda
At the Turtle Conservation Centre
King Coconuts, ready to drink

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna March 14th 2013

J: Our first anxious moment in Sri Lanka occurred just after we stepped off of the plane. My Indian visa had used up the last blank page in my passport and I spent much of the flight wondering what would happen if I was refused entry into Sri Lanka. Would I be sent back to India? Made to wait until I could get a new passport before I could officially enter? Be deported straight back to the UK? Luckily the Sri Lanka visa turned out to only fill half a page and the customs official I encountered squeezed it onto a half-empty page and we entered the country. For most people, Sri Lanka is all about sun, sea, sand and surfing. For us, it was unexpectedly all about animal encounters. Naturally, Holly was in her element. ... read more
Lions vs Tiger in Galle
Unawatuna beach
Kandy lake

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna November 2nd 2012

From the Cabanas we moved to the diving centre. We used our trusty little tuktuk driver for the last time, i'm sure he was sad to see us go! The dive centre was a much better location, being smack bang in the middle of the beach. Planty was relieved that you couldn't hear the train from our room and was expectant of a good nights sleep....(until “Riddim” bar next door started blasting out the tunes until 5am... The room was basic and had a strong lingering smell of varnish. The view from the balcony was amazing (if you look past the massive tree) and it was nice to be able to walk down the beach to where the main restaurants were situated. We were shown to our room by Hans, the site owner, he was a ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna October 23rd 2012

Lotty's version; Sri Lankan airways were a pleasant surprise. We had checked in behind a family of about 12, each one had maxed out their 30kg baggage allowance with tatty boxes and taped up carrier bags, seriously who puts a carrier bag into hold baggage! We also saw a guy casually checking in two flat screen TVs... as you do! India had remained weird even up to the airport! After the worlds longest queue and grottiest airport (OK, maybe not grottiest after experiencing other Indian airports) the airplane seemed like a palace! It definitely had the biggest legroom i've experienced and the food was actually really good, for a 75 minute flight they did extremely well. 10 minutes in the person in front put their seat back, wouldn’t have been too bad if I wasn’t trying ... read more
DSCF8953 (2)

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna May 25th 2012

Geo: 6.0167, 80.25A nice old man told me when to get off the bus from the train station, and directed me down towards hotels for Unawatuna beach, I get checked into a nice place which is clean, en-suite and even has wifi. My first impression of the beach is just stunning this really is a paradise island, I enjoy being on the beach and having a wander round at a nice relaxed pace, I've missed the sea yet I was only landlocked for seven months.I jumped a bus out to explore and got off a few miles down the road thinking I would walk back along the beach, after a while though I took to sunbathing only to have my camera stolen from inside my bag, I really wasn't happy and although I think I know ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna August 13th 2011

The day started early with me waking up at 3:30AM to get ready for my second trip to Sri Lanka. Dad dropped me off at Sandeep's place and we took the cab to the airport. After a hot cup of chai outside the airport and the emigration formalities, we finally boarded the flight at 7:00AM. We were 5 people, Myself, Sathish, Sandeep, Nazeer and Krishnan, friends since school. We were joined by Kiran, Swamy, Vamsy, Baskar and Das, all friends of Sandeep. So it was a pretty big party. At 11:00AM we landed in Colombo. It was fine weather, a bit sultry, just like Chennai. We proceeded to the immigration counter, finished the formalities and headed right to the forex counter. I had assumed that forex people would exchange any currency to the local currency and ... read more
Enjoying morning tea
Relaxing in the cafe
View from the coast

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna July 17th 2011

Our last week absolutely flew by, especially as we only had 3 days of volunteering to do! We spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday doing the usual but we didn’t have to tank clean as the sea was too rough to pump the water from. Saying goodby to our classes was sad as it has been fun to teach them even if they have been a bit mischievious at times. We started the weekend early as Thursday was a poya day which meant we had the day off. On Thursday we headed to Mirissa beach for 2 nights which was idyllic and beautiful however the weather was not on our side as it rained most of the time we were there. On the way there we stopped at Hikkaduwa to do some souvenir shopping however everything was ... read more
Tuesday Class

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna March 1st 2011

Does deet actually work I wonder? Its a real lottery regarding whether you get infected or not, I just pray I don't get anything x So itchy though, but for all my sunburn, bites in uncomfortable places(like my nipple can you believe !),and dealing with the odd stare from locals, (they really can't help it.) I must seem so odd and exotic! This really is a wonderful place, full of natural beauty and amazingly kind and generous people, who love to tease you, and most of all kick back and watch the cricket with you. Life is slow in the south; its hot and if you wanted, you could just melt away. But I was never the kind to just sit still. Leaving the comfort of Ems flat, Will, Ems and I headed to Siggis Mono ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna October 5th 2010

crash....a weary traveler wipes the sleep from his eyes and looks out the glass veranda....crash....the sun has not yet broken the skyline so he has no idea what time it is...crash...he looks at the woman next to him, a woman that he will spend the rest of his life with, and he smiles....crash....they are so far from home and just beginning what promises to be and incredible honeymoon, and an even incredible life...crash...a honeymoon that is made even better by the rhythmic crashing of the Indian Ocean, that can be clearly heard from their room just a few short steps away. So beings our first stop on the honeymoon, a trip that I had been planning for my wife and me in secret for 6 months now. A trip that has taken us to the remote ... read more
Palm trees
Stilt fishermen
Curry platter

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