Kirstie Ball


Kirstie Ball


Volunteering in Sri Lanka with Ms Hammond!

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna July 17th 2011

Our last week absolutely flew by, especially as we only had 3 days of volunteering to do! We spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday doing the usual but we didn’t have to tank clean as the sea was too rough to pump the water from. Saying goodby to our classes was sad as it has been fun to teach them even if they have been a bit mischievious at times. We started the weekend early as Thursday was a poya day which meant we had the day off. On Thursday we headed to Mirissa beach for 2 nights which was idyllic and beautiful however the weather was not on our side as it rained most of the time we were there. On the way there we stopped at Hikkaduwa to do some souvenir shopping however everything was ... read more
Tuesday Class

Monday started off as all the other Mondays with tank cleaning and general other duties. After we had cleaned most of the tanks we decided to watch the walkers going by as they were walking to Jaffna in the north to raise money for a new children’s cancer ward. We then decided to go for our usual after tank cleaning paddle/swim. Stan got into the water even though he couldn’t swim and a large wave knocked his glasses off so he couldn’t see either! I decided to swim back to see if his glasses had washed up on the shore, the current was very strong swimming back and took a lot of effort to swim against it as I got back onto the beach I said to Lucy that we should get the others to swim ... read more
Turtle Laying Eggs
Turtle Laying Eggs

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Kandy July 8th 2011

Monday to Thursday involved all the regular duties of working with the turtles and teaching English. On Wednesday I managed to convince a group of tourists that we were doctors of marine biology and Lucy convinced them that Amy had been knighted by the queen. On Thursday we started teaching at a new temple which was quite challenging as all the students spoke only a small amount of English so we were starting from scratch. We left on Friday after breakfast for Kandy. We took the train from Colombo which was a very sceneic as it wound all through the highlands however there were some scary moments where there were sharp drops next to the railway track. We got to Kandy and then spent a couple of hours looking round the town, in the evening we ... read more
Lucy and I on the Train
Awesome car that picked us up!

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Kosgoda June 29th 2011

We began the week with cleaning the tanks again! In the afternoon we met the 6 new volunteers so it is now a bit of a squeeze in the house! We taught English in the afternoon which was quite intimidating as all the new volunteers were watching us. For tea we got to try curd which is made from buffalo milk and treacle and it was really tasty! We also had some arrack which was good! On Tuesday morning we were weaving and we got told we would be allowed to progress to actual weaving on Wednesday rather than just straightening straw! The newspaper came as they were doing a story on us volunteers and we had our pictures taken for the newspaper which was good fun as we had to pose and pretend we could ... read more
On the bus!

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Kosgoda June 23rd 2011

We started Sri Lanka with 2 flights and a short 2 hour stopover in Abu Dhabi! We finally arrived at Colombo airport at 4am where we met Dudley for the first time. We then had a couple of hours drive to Kosgoda where we were able to grab 45 minutes of sleep before starting the first day! We met the 4 other volunteers at breakfast which was fried eggs and bread with different jams and spreads. However during breakfast we experienced the first of the monsoon rains which was torrential, luckily it didn’t last for too long. We spent the first morning cleaning the turtle tanks at the project and cleaning the actual turtles. For the tanks we had to drain the water and scrub the sides with sand and coconut shells. For the turtles we ... read more
Emily moving sand
Cow infront of the shop!

North America » United States April 25th 2010

I lived the same day twice on the 20th of April 2010! I left Nadi, Fiji at 10pm on Tuesday 20th and arrived in Los Angeles at 1pm on Tuesday 20th. The day was definately better the second time around! We were transferred from the airport to our hostel whilst being given a mini tour along the way. It was raining so we decided not to go to Venice beach. Instead we walked down Hollywood Boulevard and checked out the walk of fame. The stars are really cool but they go on forever and even down side streets at one point. We stopped at the Disney Soda store and had ice cream sundaes, which were great. I had rocky road and cookies & cream ice cream with marshmallow sauce that was basically like melted marshmallows, chopped ... read more
Venice Beach
Disney Soda Store
Hollywood Boulevard

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu April 20th 2010

I flew to Fiji aboard an Air Pacific flight where I had a great feed of lamb goulash, fruit salad and profiteroles with custard, which was delicious and the best plane food I have ever tasted. On arrival to Nadi airport there was a couple of men playing guitars and singing, I was met by a Fiji experience representative and given a shell necklace. We were then transported to smugglers cove resort. As part of my tour I had a free nights accommodation there. I checked in and handed over my voucher, but Fiji experience had forgotten to book me in so smugglers cove gave me a free upgrade which was pretty good as I wasn't paying for the night anyway, I got to stay in the hotel section of the resort in my own private ... read more
Smugglers Cove
South Sea Island
Feejee Experience Bus

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island April 12th 2010

We arrived in Queenstown and had a kiwi experience group photo besides the lake with snow capped mountains in the background. Once we were checked in we went to get a Fergburger, which is a legend throughout New Zealand. I had the most basic burger with brie and it was the size of my head! It tasted great and definately lived up to the stories we heard. We hit the nightlife that evening and Danny won a skydive by doing karoke, we even had a group karoke where all 50 of us from the bus got up and sang. I got up the next day and had a look around the town which is very quaint with lots of little shops and cafe's, including a fudge shop which did 30 different flavours of fudge. In the ... read more
Underwater Observatory
Milford Sound

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island April 4th 2010

Wellington is a very windy city! So i tried to spend as much time as possible inside. Morv and I went to Te Papa, the national museum which was really interesting. It is the only museum in the world to have a collossol squid. It also had loads of maori relics including a life size meeting house and a room that simulates earth quakes which was a lot of fun. We had to be up for 7am the next morning and we were taken to the interislander ferry. It took 3 hours to cross the Cook Strait to the South Island and we docked in a small town called Picton. The Kiwi bus had overbooked so some of us had to go on a 'shuttle' bus to Nelson which is about 2 hours away. It turned ... read more
Centre of NZ
Lake Nelson
Feeding the Ducks

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island March 28th 2010

I am currently writing this blog sat on Paihia beach at the bay of islands, which makes a nice change from a dingy dorm room or a crammed internet cafe! I arrived in Auckland, New Zealand on my sister's birthday, 18th March. New Zealand is the 2nd country after america for airport security and screening. So first I had to clear passport control, once I was through and getting my baggage off the carousel a policemen asked to check my landing card and passport again! He asked "are you travelling alone?" Which as it had been a long day and an emotional flight I burst into tears and replied "Yes, but I shouldn't be!" He backed off pretty quickly then and was very concerned which was rather amusing, my tip for clearing a New Zealand airport ... read more
Maori Culture Evening
Mount Eden View

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