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Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna April 15th 2010

Afin de vous aider à positionner le Sri Lanka sur la carte du monde, on la surnomme souvent: la goutte tombée de l'Inde. Une goutte de la grosseur de l'Irlande ou du Costa Rica, située à quelques milles marins seulement au sud-est de la région du Tamil Nadu en Inde. Ce territoire, majoritairement bouddhiste, est depuis la nuit des temps considéré comme une terre de merveilles dans l'imaginaire populaire. Cette ile tropicale, anciennement nomme Ceylan, compte environ 21 millions d'habitants principalement divisés en 2 groupes ethniques: les cingalais à 75% et les tamouls à 20%. Ce sont d'ailleurs, les tensions entre ces 2 groupes aux mœurs différents, qui alimentèrent la guerre civile qui secoua le pays pendant 25 ans et qui prit fin officiellement, très récemment, en mai 2009. Les Tigres tamouls revendiquent l'indépendance des territoires ... read more
Sri Lanka
Welligama, Sri Lanka
Welligama, Sri Lanka

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna January 23rd 2010

For the final leg of our nine week trip we decided to spend a week on the beach having a holiday from our holiday and Unawatuna seemed like the perfect place. We reached Unawatuna by catching two buses after our 7hr long morning safari in Yala National Park. We had decided to book a much nicer hotel for our time in Unawatuna than we would normally stay in; which meant that we looked quite out of place standing in the lobby with crumpled clothes, sweaty faces and dirty packs while the other guests walked around wearing ironed, matching, clean clothes with styled hair and makeup. Despite grand plans of cycling to see the stilt fishermen one day and visiting nearby Galle another, our time in Unawatuna was spent relaxing on the beautiful beach, reading books on ... read more
Unawatuna beach
Bianca at the beach
Scott at the beach

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna December 10th 2009

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna November 13th 2009

... war immer mein Vorsatz. Darum ist der kleine Kerl auch vor der Haustür ... ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna October 21st 2009

This next entry comes many days after the last. In this small of town of Unawatuna, life has become very slow - such a contrast from the first week here. The days have been filled with lounging and reading on the beach, eating, walking to other places to eat and sleeping.  We've finally met plenty of travellers to share stories with, which has been great - much needed from my side. On our second night we met some guys who were working at the turtle hatchery in Bentota. Seven weeks of tickling baby turtles' bellies might have been just toooo relaxing for us, but Sean and Anders seemed to be coping with it just fine - they weren't even smoking either!!!  We've also had some good neighbours at our hotel; talking to Markus and Karin the ... read more
Yes those are machine guns!
Sri Lankans love their cricket
Rachel found some friends

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna September 4th 2009

Im Allgemeinen bekommt man als Tourist in den Tropenparadiesen die klimatischen Auswirkungen der Regenzeit in relativ abgeschwächter Form mit. Ist man hingegen als „Langzeit-Tourist“ oder sogenannter „Expat“ in solchen Breitengraden ansässig, machen sich die Auswirkungen dieser Jahreszeit schon ein wenig vehementer bemerkbar. Man ist von einer unbarmherzigen Feuchtigkeit umgeben, gewaschene Kleider brauchen eine kleine Ewigkeit zum Trocknen, selbst die Teile, die man als „trocken“ erachtet, weisen eine erhebliche Restfeuchte auf. Lüftet man diese nicht regelmäßig in den selten auftretenden Sonnenstrahlen, schleicht sich unweigerlich Bruder Muffel ein. Oder schlimmer noch, Gevatter Schimmel. An Lederschuhe ist schon gar nicht zu denken. Bei uns in Europa verschwendet man keinen Gedanken daran, dass Leder so schnell schimmeln kann. Aber ich versichere Euch: Es kann! Ich fr... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna June 30th 2009

28 June Much better weather today. I went for walk to the pagoda/temple this morning and sat at watched the water blowing into the blow hole, which is where Sunset Point is as well, a very nice spot to watch the sun setting, could be very romantic if I wasn't on my own! Will have to bring Bertha, Trin and Sal up when they arrive! Met a local man along the way who listens to ABC radio and knows an incredible amount about Australia. He was naming politicians left and right, along with long past ones, like Bob Hawke, Gareth Evans. The man is a coconut farmer and his father is a teacher and they have a library, which he is very proud of. His English was great and his knowledge of Australia from politicians, to ... read more
Something ate my gingernuts...
Sunset Point

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna June 30th 2009

As I sit on balcony at different times of the day there is any number of people walking past selling all sorts of things. We have the Maalu (fish) man selling his catch from the mornings run, we have the man selling Kiri which is milk and curd from his buffalo that roams in front of my home, on the weekends we have the ice cream man on his bicycle, his version of green sleeves is a pump type horn incessantly blown down the street (god knows how he keeps the ice cream frozen..), there is also the man selling lottery tickets, he has a microphone hooked up to a car battery attached to the bike and he rides along announcing what lottery is on sale today! And sometimes if you are lucky to be at ... read more
the blow hole

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna June 22nd 2009

19.6.09 All good here, just working out my timetable and how things work, as in where to buy stuff. It has been quite fun! I generally go to the pool in the afternoon, on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next couple of weeks I am teaching kids from the international school and they speak english so that is much easier for me to teach. With the other classes I am trying assist the coaches to teach, however they don't speak much english, but in saying that one of the coaches yesterday speaks a little english and between that and sign language, we worked each other out. He wanted me in the pool with him to show him how the toys I bought with me work etc, so it won't be as hard as I thought, and ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna June 15th 2009

Journey into Sri Lanka 13 June After an odd start at the Sunflower Hotel, Negombo which is no longer the Sunflower, but the Paradise (they changed the name but didn’t tell anyone, even the taxi drivers….) Anyway, turned up there at midnight to a very dark and odd looking place, upon further inspection I realized the place looked like a building site, they were doing renovations, another thing they forgot to mention. So I head into what would be a reception desk to 5 guys hanging around all trying to help me, one with a folder looking official, but having no idea if I should be there or not! At this stage I was getting concerned for my safety, I asked if there were other guests, to which I received no reply, I then asked if ... read more
Unawatuna Beach
My beach!

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