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February 17th 2008
Published: February 17th 2008
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Jaianthi surf dreamsJaianthi surf dreamsJaianthi surf dreams

This is where I've spent most of a month of my time here in sri-lanka. It's in Midigama. A little village in the south of sri-lanka that really, if your not surfing your not here cause there's honestly nothing else to do; also means the waves are emptier because girlfriends wont sit around doing nothing all-day.
Alright. Here I am in Hikkadewa finaly over my latest injury. It was my first day back in the water and we were havin a good session on some small waves that were slowly pickin up on the "lazy left"in midigama when this french guy let go of his board in the white wash. Long story short, I was duck divin the wave, he was 3m ahead of me and 2m to the right when suddenly, eyes closed under the water I get speared write in the midle of my black spot of hair. I couldn't believe it. Whatev I continued paddling to out of the oncomming set and when I get there I knew. Everyone was lookin at me and I knew. At the same time I started seeing blood drip off my eyelashes. I knew. I couldn't believe it, another week out of the water. It was crazy though, within 30min of gettin cranked in the head I had been to the hospital seen 2 doctors had my head shaved, stitched up and sent on my way with free mids in hand. It was crazy. Anyways, the last two injuries i've had totaly got me down, but this time..

Big dinner with Fran and the rest of the italians and Nupuri(our new japanese friend). First glass of wine since....
I dont know, maybe I'm just finaly getting used to the way you have to approach this sport and really enjoy when the waves are good. When there not... well there just not and you cant change that you so... relax.

Anyways, here's some more pics. My time in sri-lanka is almost over and I can almost count my days left here on two hands. I was maybe more ready to leave 2 weeks ago then I am now but i'm really lookin forward to meetin up with anja in BKK, kyle in Bali and then Cody in lombok/bali. Also, the waves in bali are supposed to be perfect.

Enjoy the pics.

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grumpy megrumpy me
grumpy me

no more surfing again, due to another injury--third one in like four or five weeks. It seems that everytime I finaly get back in the water and i'm maybe a little to eager and push it just a little to far. This time it wasnt my fault though.

This is what most of the south coast looks like here. Empty as can be. This is fran and lucy after what was maybe the best session they'll have on this trip to sri-lanka. Me, I was sitting on the beach watching/crying with a bandage on my head.
"our" tuk-tuk"our" tuk-tuk
"our" tuk-tuk

Ya haha, we rented a tuk-tuk for a few days to do surf trips. We left all the driving to Fabricio. He's got the most over seas driving experience, plus, he's italian(???).
tsunami damagetsunami damage
tsunami damage

That white thing on the right wall used to be a doorbell. There are so many houses like this write on the coast still and I havent even been passed Matara. After you get around matara the tsunami was more of a wave then on this side of the island. Over here the water just kept rising and rising and rising, some places it was faster then others but the other side the wave actualy broke.
My bald spotMy bald spot
My bald spot

2 stitches...
Jaianthi surf dreamsJaianthi surf dreams
Jaianthi surf dreams

The view from the \"restaurant.\" You can\'t really call it much of a restaurant but, its got a few tables and my hammok. The wave out front there is rams, I dont go there much. A little above me still if the wave has any size. (Maybe 2 ft of water??)

"Come on tallis... it's gettin light out, get out of bed and get your lazy but into the water" For sure the toughest part of my day.
Nightly gamesNightly games
Nightly games

Fabio and I dukin it out on the karram board. I'm honestly the worst karram player out there. My buddy Mizki beats me almost everygame we play. No matter how much I should win... I somehow loose it.
they love elephants herethey love elephants here
they love elephants here

the is the lid to a super glue bottle
didge jamdidge jam
didge jam

Kelly and Mizki jammin in "our" house.

ok.. due to many requests here it is. My bald spot and my random as hair cut. Nothing fits. haha, it's a great cut. I'll have a mullet for sure within 4months
missed that wavemissed that wave
missed that wave

if you can see it, thats the "ahh" face.
caught this one..caught this one..
caught this one..

No I didnt wipe out, no I didnt fall and yes this is the best pic we got of the wave. It's hard takin pics when your in three feet of water over a reef and no shoes to stand with. We also suck at using cameras and their functions.

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