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February 1st 2008
Published: February 1st 2008
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So ya, since new years I've not really done anything to exciting. Well, I just mean the routine has been the same for the last month now. Shortly after new years I went to the south coast of sri-lanka visiting the villages of Midigama, Weligama and Mirrissa on a 10day trip with a crew of us. Then soon after returning to Hikkadewa I relocated to Midigama where I stayed for the final two weeks of January. All i've been doing is wakin up early, gettin myself into the seemingly cold water as the sun comes up, exhausting myself for three hours, breakfast, lie in my hammok until late afternoon and then go back in the water for another three hours before dinner. Some would say it sounds a little boring just sittin in a hammock all day, but, usually I'm just too tired to get myself out of the hammok to do anything. Sounds rough hey haha. So I generally saunter myself down to the corner to check the waves and get 1$ lunch packet of spicy rice and curry, saunter back, re-assume my position in the hammock and wait hopefully for the wind to die down.

I'm now back
train warningtrain warningtrain warning

just in case a grenade goes off....
in hikkadewa though... injured again. Two weeks ago now I guess I cut my foot on the reef and thought I was doing a satisfactory job of looking after it and dressing it etc. As it turned out it scabbed over nicely but the infection was inside still and the next day after the infection started my glands in my hip flexer area, neck and arm pit areas all really swelled up and I got a really bad head-ache and fever. For a whole day I didn't eat a thing, I didn't move, I couldn't stay conscious for more then 45min; I dont know if I've ever felt worse. Then just a few days ago the waves were bigger and I was riding really well before them so I was full of confidence. Well, my confidence wasnt unjust because I really was surfing well on the waves but sometimes I'd just miss-time something and over top i'd go to get just thrashed. So, now, I've bruised my right rib cage and am once again hobbling/moping around the guest house in hikkadewa. Hopefully i'll get better quick cause if not... well, I dont feel like waitin around here for three weeks
watchin the sun setwatchin the sun setwatchin the sun set

why there are so many sunset pictures on my camera now. This is where we wait for it to get dark... which means dinners commin soon.
while breathing hurts, so I may fly back to thailand early and maybe go to burma for a few weeks or something like that. I dunno, we'll see how I start feeling.


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this hatthis hat
this hat

I carried this damn hat around for a full month. Never wore it except when I was reading i the hammock but I finally lost in on the train. Was really more of a pain then useful.
the welsh crewthe welsh crew
the welsh crew

watchin another sunset with a welsh kayak, climbing and whatever outdoors you want crew. They just came from nepal doin almost the exact same thing i'd done. Except they were the guides and I was the dumb package tourist.

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