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Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Ratnapura April 5th 2015

3 avril Mon séjour chez les Tamouls se termine aujourd'hui. J'ai mon billet de train de nuit en main pour la grande descente vers Colombo. "Sleeperett" style. Je m'attend à une couchette, du Mozart et un major d'homme qui tamisera la lumière en me demandant: "Should i ask for a lady for foot massage môôôôsieur?" Et non. Rien de tout ça finalement. J'entre en réalité dans un wagon pourri, en prenant place sur un banc plastifié de cellophane qui se crinque et se décrinque légèrement, en claquant saccadé comme une chaise longue de secours qu'on laisse au chalet. Alors que je suis assis, on me chatouille soudainement les orteils. Arg. Une belle blatte nomade bien grasse m'a frôlé le pied. Elle se faufile maintenant sous le banc devant moi. Arg. Je prend alors un de mes ... read more
Vue de ma chambre, Ratnapura
Take photo please 1
Take photo please 2

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Ratnapura May 10th 2014

Hello dear readers, Well it's another day in paradise for me lol. Im had a restful nights sleep drifting off in my camp bed to the to the sounds of crickets, frogs chatting to each other and other local wildlife noises. All vet peaceful and not a car horn to be heard ahhhhhh! So I got up had a shower in the shower block with the sun shining down and then had brekkie. Garlic sausage and fried eggs and toast. A lovely cup,of Sri Lankan tea and a plate of fruit. The sweetest small bananas inhave ever tasted and juicy fresh pineapple. Not so keen on the water melon and guava though. So after breakfast I took to the water to go kayaking. We, me and my two companions from the Boarderlands team, were taken by ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Ratnapura March 12th 2010

Yay! Got up early in the morning, ready for a Sri Lankan family reunion in Ratnapura. Before we left Kandy, our couchsurfer-friend Ajith took us around to the Botanical Gardens in Kandy. Again, the prices there were a bit of a rip-off, 650 rupees for foreigners and 100 rupees for locals. Anyways, in we went. No more than 200 metres from the entrance we were suddenly met by two monkeys, sitting peacefully on the path. They looked a bit like the vicious monkeys in Bako national park on Borneo, so we didn't want to get too close. Cute they were though. The first thing of note in the garden was the orchid house. So many different kinds of orchids, some looking like ballerinas, some like butterflies, some like stars - and all different beautiful colours. I ... read more
Mr. Monkey
Nice orchids
Different orchids

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Ratnapura August 1st 2008

The places we visited on this leg of journey : Maha Saman Devala This is a shrine dedicated to the god Saman. The god Saman is (a Buddhist deity) considered to be the guardian of Ratnapura. When the Portuguese captured Ratnapura, the ancient shrine that stood at this location was destroyed and a Portuguese church was constructed on top of it. When the Kandyan kingdom recaptured Ratnapura, the Portuguese church was destroyed and the shrine was rebuilt. Currently this shrine is a very important place of worship for Buddhists. Bopath Ella is situated at Kuruvita. The fall is like a boo leaf that gives it name. Ruins of Sitawaka Kingdom This infamous place is one of the most disappointing sites of Sri Lankan ancient history to visit today. I say this because of negligent and arrogant ... read more
Bopath Ella
Mangustan seller
Coconut trees

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