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Asia » South Korea » Jeollabuk-do » Muju July 25th 2010

The first weekend in July, I headed to Seoul to meet up with a new friend. As soon as we arrived in town, we hit the streets of Itaewon. Itaewon is "little America". It even has a Taco Bell, but unfortunately it was closed for the night. We hit a few clubs, did jager bombs and ate a shawarma before heading in the the "night". Since it was nine in the morning when we called it quits, we hit the subway to ride around town. After a afternoon of being a sleep-deprived zombie, we tried to make an appearance on a river-party boat. After a few minutes of being crowded by other people, we got off the boat before it set sail and went home to sleep. Sunday morning, we went Incheon for some amazing seafood. ... read more
We need a bath!
Gwansan's Rainy Adventures!

Asia » South Korea » Jeollabuk-do » Muju January 31st 2010

This week went off without a hitch. It definitely flew by. Monday I went to Tonya's apartment to watch the tragic loss of the Vikings. They had so many opportunities to win that game but it seems fate is always against them. I hope Brett comes back next year, a field general is exactly what the team needs since Childress is incompetent when it comes to calling plays. Wednesday I went to the weekly poker game at Liz and Jim's house. They cooked me some duck which I wrapped in lettuce leaves with mushrooms, onions, this red soy-based sauce and some garlic...delicious. Andrew, JT, Jemal, Yogita and I had been playing poker almost daily at the hogwan. That was put to a stop on Friday by Mrs. Chae when she blew up at JT in all ... read more
Skiing Cowboy American
JT and me
Super crowded

Asia » South Korea » Jeollabuk-do » Muju June 13th 2007

Ahhh, to wake up in a Yeogwan... After a fantastic night's sleep, we had the luxury of being able to wake up and take a bath! So different from the usual 3 day hygiene drought we've become so accustomed to Last night, as we were finishing off our pizza, we met a bunch of Korean folk who'd just finished off their shift at a rafting stall, and, after chatting a while they suggested we join them first thing in the morning for a river raft by their strongest driver. So, Good and clean and fresh (tra la la la) we headed off down to the river that runs through Muju. The slow cruise in the middle of the mirror water with the unusually fresh mountain air in our faces, early in the morning, was a ... read more
Our yeogwan bathroom
And we're off!
In the quiet of the morning

Asia » South Korea » Jeollabuk-do » Muju June 12th 2007

There's nothing like waking up in your tent, after another exceptional night's rest, to the sound of the river 20m away from you. Wow. A Korean couple we met last night popped by to say good bye as we were packing up. They're such an awsome couple, they're planning on cycling from Korea to Africa!! After a business card, a mango, a tomato, a promise to speak in Korean the next time we meet (), and many good wishes they headed off and we got on to the morning essentials... TINNED PEACHES!!! All nourished up, we decided to make a start on the 12km hike up Mt. Deokyusan Mountain in the Deogyusan National Park. The hike started from just outside the campsite on a road along the Muju Gucheondong Valley, apparently one of the most famous ... read more
Up into the mountains
Not going thirsty on this hike!
More Korean contrast

Asia » South Korea » Jeollabuk-do » Muju June 11th 2007

Learning to make silk Another long weekend, and this time, on a tip from two of our co-teachers, we headed off to the mountain town of Muju for the 11th annual Firefly festival. Muju's claim to fame is it's clean air. As we travelled on the 3.5 hour bus ride from the world's 10th largest city into the winding mountain roads, it was certainly clear that the air became clearer and more refreshing. When we arrived in muju, we found that the town had been decorated with huge helium balloons and there were little stally everywhere. We too some time to wonder along some of the stalls, where Cath found some beautiful dresses, and decided she would come back for one later. We managed to find the festival's info office, and on their advice caught a ... read more

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