Why so Silent? {Darrell}

Published: August 26th 2007
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My temporary fillingMy temporary fillingMy temporary filling

Each time it is drilled out, dug a bit deeper, and then refilled. Mummy... :-(
Okay, so we haven't posted any blogs in a while. Why is that? No, it's not because we've lost interest in sharing our trips with the back-homies. It's because what we've been spending our money and free time on is (in my opinion) not worth talking about. But hey, for the sake of realism, lets do an update. Guess what we've been doing with our last few long weekends. No, not visiting beaches all over the east... nope, not hanging around the house eating pancakes....no, not even grating each other's eyeballs and dipping them in vinigar. We've been doing.......

DENTISTRY!!! AAAaaaaaaaaa........... gulp.

Yes friends, my worst fears were realised when a small piece of tooth chipped off as I bit into an apple (a rare pleasure... the apple not the chipped tooth). In a brief moment I was plunged from my 5 blissful years without a dentist in smelling distance, to a world of torture and money depravity. PAIN! Lots of pain....

What happened is that I ended up having to go to a dental hospital in Yongsei, Seoul. They found that a underneath an old filling from way back when I was a tyke, the tooth had kept being eaten away, until the cavity reached the pulp (read crazy sensitive part of the tooth). What they have to do is drill out all the pulp - a.k.a. root canal surgery - and then fill it with something else and cap it with gold. And that's the cheap option!

All in all I get to pay big bucks to get 7 (YES 7!) sessions of drilling. Of course I can only do this on my off days, so every Monday I've been taking the 2 hour train & bus trip into Seoul just to go through lots of pain. All I can think of is that for the same price I could buy two old cars (okay so cars are cheap here) and smash them into each other. And it would be quicker and more fun. And less painful.... even if I was driving. Or I could finally buy the laptop I want and then smash it with a baseball bat. Another cheaper option. You see why I don't want to talk about it.

Okay there it is. It's off my chest. Don't feel much better, but now you all know. You'd better pray for me. 3 treatments down and 4 left to go.

Oh ja. One other thing. Last time I was there Cath had a checkup. Turns out she has like 5 cavities. Small, but she's got to get them done before they... reach.. the... plulp. Expensive and not fun. Loads of the other foreign teachers are also getting major dental work done. Apparently there's no flouride in the drinking water and the toothpaste is full of sugar.

We can go together. She's more brave when it comes to the social psychopaths who chose to become professional teeth miners. Pray for both of us.


26th August 2007

Praying real hard
Ok - sugar in the toothpaste - so that is one more thing to have sent to me when I go overseas to teach.
27th August 2007

i forgive u
Hey Cuz.Ok..now that I know I forgive u.I really hate the dentist and its not cool giving your hard earned money away to something you really dont want to do. Hope u heal soon. Lv L x
29th August 2007

Dentists.... &%$#@!
Hey Bro Next time you go to the dentist tell him in your best korean... "Let's not do anything that will hurt the both of us!" Definately praying for you man hope you still buy a couple of cars and go all destruction derby on them before you get the dream laptop ;)
29th August 2007

you made my day!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, no stop it! my tummy's hurting... (I'm NOT laughing about the pain you are enduring, but at the "maybe I should by myself the laptop I've always wanted and smash it with a baseball bat"-line CLASSIC. Haven't lost your sense of humour have we? :)
29th August 2007

I only get it now...
Remember the tutorial we had on Darrell's Fear Of Dentists 101, on the way to Stillbaai in Sandy. Yvette and I really tried to grasp the dept of this, and I only get it now.... Shame buddy! Moet ons REGTE tandepaste pos? xxxJM
3rd September 2007

Be Braver
Listen if you keep on moaning I will send Mandi to show you how to be brave under a leetle pain.
5th September 2007

same here...hehehe
Well well...seeing that its your excuse as well...I'm sorry dont have much to add! Have had myself a tooth removed as well,a week of nausia and some great pain...me on the other hand had a plantaat put in as well,thats when they boor 'n gat into your kakebeen and fill it with a screw...no bolts..fortunately..hehehehe Well guess no walking through airport termianals now without the sirens going off..hehehe So yeah...a little bit part of my excuse...but must tell you,it made a crazy dip in my saving money for overseas..so maybe there would be some delays...heheh Love you two and hope all the pain is over by now! mwah xxxxx

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