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Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Chuncheon July 24th 2006

Will a blog really work out? Is my small life here in South Korea reallly worth a "travel blog" attempt? As much as I occasionally feel like shrugging off my foreigner persona, I know that I will look back on this year in Asia as a sparkling moment, or a test of bravery and self-discipline. To write self discipline feels a bit militant, or stoic, but living out of context...much on my own, I realize how easy it is to slip into a negligent lifestyle. How many foreigners here began with the same enthusiasm - attempting to learn Korean, absorb the cultural idiosyncrasies *many phrases I use might not make sense, admittedly flaky with my wording* and find themselves stuck on the wall. Drunk with other foreigners, nonchalant with traveling. This, of course, is simply ... read more
New studio apartment...provided by my company.

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Chuncheon July 19th 2006

It is officially monsoon season here. Today is the first sun I've seen since the first couple days after I arrived. I think we were nicked by a couple typhoons, and there's been flooding throughout this area. Here at the university, it's just been very wet, but I saw pictures in the newspaper of other parts of town that had accumulated quite a bit of water. Needless to say, I've been indoors a lot. In fact, the camping trip I planned on going on this past weekend was cancelled due to the rain. However, I did venture out to the local Korean bathhouse on Saturday night (largely because the power was out throughout campus for the weekend-- supposedly, they were installing a new power grid or something). So, a substantial group of us made an outing ... read more
At the bathhouse
Fulbrighters at the Bathhouse
Typical Cafeteria Food

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Chuncheon July 12th 2006

So, I just got back from an evening out with a Korean friend (one of our conversation partners from the KEY Club-- an English-speaking club for Koreans at Kangwon National University) and two other Fulbrighters (Susie and Noelle). It was quite an enjoyable time. We went to a local Korean pub (or so it was called in its English name), and it was quite a different experience from what I'm used to in the US (or in Europe for that matter). First of all, the tables were all on the floor, and we sat cross-legged in front of them. We started the meal with Korean barley tea (very refreshing), and then our friend, Clark (his English name), ordered an appetizer and a bowl of Korean wine. Soon after he ordered, a bunch of small side dishes ... read more
Group picture

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Chuncheon July 10th 2006

Yes, coffee in a can is the newest addition to my coffee-loving repertoire, thanks to Korean vending machines. I'm currently in Chuncheon, training at a local university for a year of English teaching, and in our dorm (as well as the Humanities building where my classes are) is this wonderful vending machine with a variety of coffees and even a cappuccino or two. It's like iced coffee-- but in a little can and only 50 cents. The cafeteria doesn't serve coffee (or tea) with breakfast, but with these beautiful little vending machines, I'm saved. With the coffee problem solved, everything else is going well so far. We started classes today-- 4 hours of language training a day and 3.5 hours of cultural or teaching classes a day. I'm in beginners' Korean, obviously, but I can write ... read more
Daytime view
The infamous coffee in a can
Roommate and Dorm Room

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