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Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Chuncheon » Nami Island March 16th 2015

For today we had planned to go to Chuncheon, the city our friend Minjeong is from (who I study with) and meet her family. We had to leave the house pretty early and even though Astrid was up earlier than be she still ended up being the last one ready to leave. We missed our train (although to be fair we had bad luck with our metro connections, so we would have probably missed it anyways) and had to hang around the train station for an hour before we could take the next one. To kill some time we went to a cafe and had some drinks. At 10 am our trip finally started and around an hour later we met with Minjeong. She picked us up together with her mom, who was just the cutest ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Chuncheon » Nami Island March 29th 2014

We took the shuttle bus from Jamsil at 9:40 am. The bus is easy to book, I think you just ring a number on the Nami Island website, transfer the money and they send you an email receipt, which you give to the bus driver and he gives you your bus and ferry tickets. Our bus driver was worried because we didn't have return tickets, but we explained that we weren't coming back on the shuttle. The bus journey was really quick. I'm sure it only took about an hour. Once we arrived at the ferry terminal, we headed straight to the coffee shop to get our caffeine fixes and have a good natter. We finally managed to drag ourselves away from the cafe, and we got on the ferry to head across to the island. ... read more
General Nami's Poem
General Nami's Tomb
General Nami's Tomb

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Chuncheon » Nami Island January 31st 2011

Alas we awoke to alarm bells ringing at 4:30 am, after six hours of slumber in our beds as we stumbled around beneath the covers wishing for more time to sleep. Pressing her snooze button only once, Shauna bounded out of bed ready to press the coffee pot into action and climb into her already running hot shower. It wasn't yet in me to venture out of the bed where I lay eyes sleepily awake pressing the snooze alarm another couple of times, wishing I hadn't agreed to go on another Korail trip. Thankfully all we had to do this morning was wake up, eat a light snack, drink a fresh cup of java and head out the door to catch the early morning express bus to Hapjeong station because we had packed our day bags ... read more

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