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Asia » South Korea » Chungcheongnam-do » Cheonan September 23rd 2012

Mine was a childhood fill of fun, flight, and dream. So you can imagine my joy last Saturday afternoon when I encountered a family playing with nothing more than a few sticks and having the time of their lives. I stumbled upon the family at TaejosanParkin Cheonan Si. It took me back to my own childhood, and held such a place in my heart I felt compelled to write about it. Cheonan Si is about 80kms out of Seoul. The Park itself is located at Mt Taejosan and is a popular place for families and lovers – young and old - to visit. You can take in the sculptues, sit down and watch the world go by, or stroll to your heart's content. This particular afternoon – after staring at a slightly bizarre, but brilliant set ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Chungcheongnam-do » Cheonan June 13th 2012

I started the last post on the train to Cheosan. Getting to Cheosan could have been on two ways, all actually three ways, if I wanted to spend 2 1/2 hours on the subway/metro going all the way to about the seventh last stop of the incredibly long line 1. Instead it took me an even hour or so on the aforementioned Saemaeul express train. I could also have gone by bus but as there are about four bus stations in Seoul from which buses for various cities leave, I decided it was easier to change one subway station and go to Seoul Central Station. I decided to buy a ticket from the machine, which you can at least persuade to work in English . I discovered then that I could get the really fast KTX ... read more
Seoul Station Mr Natty
Cheosan monk and train bar-car
Cheosan Who?? club

Asia » South Korea » Chungcheongnam-do » Cheonan February 23rd 2009

Unless the pictures say otherwise, they are from the Korean Folk Village (ie. Korean colonial Williamsburg) If you happened to notice that the location has changed under the title of the blog, it's not because we've gone anywhere, it's because I've finally figure out exactly where we are. :P The campus that we are staying at is right outside of the city of Cheonan. There are 543,309 people in the city so it is very small compared to the 2.8 million person city of Daegu that we will be going to live in next week. We have not gotten our school placements yet, the person from our metropolitan office of education (MOE) is coming Thursday afternoon to talk to us and give us our placements. I'm excited to find out what age of students I will ... read more
Folk Village
Folk Village
Folk Village

Asia » South Korea » Chungcheongnam-do » Cheonan December 25th 2007

Wow, I've got some stories to tell. Where to begin? Well since I last wrote, things have been crazy at work. My boss is making me do a lot of random stuff, just because. I think he thinks that I'm staying for two months because that is what is in my contract. But I legally do not have any obligation to him anymore. I don't think the he understands that I'm just staying out of the kindness of my heart. And honestly I'm getting a little irritated and have been seriously considering leaving earlier. My uncle asked me this weekend if I wanted to visit him in China over Lunar New Years. And I'm seriously considering the possibility of quitting sooner and going to China in February for a week or two. Betty and I went ... read more
Hansel and Henny

Asia » South Korea » Chungcheongnam-do » Cheonan August 3rd 2007

I have to apologize for my lack of entries. The Travelblog site had some major issues last week. Their servers crashed and thousands of blog entries were lost, including all of mine. I couldn't log into the site until Monday. I am now in the process of trying to restory some of my previous entries. Thanks for understanding. I hope to continue blogging so keep checking back. Leave comments, too; I love to hear from home!... read more

Asia » South Korea » Chungcheongnam-do » Cheonan July 27th 2007

This past weekend, we headed back up to Seoul for some good times with our friends and lots of Seoul food. A friend of mine, Sam, came to pick us up at Namseoul and drove us into town. It took us such a long time to get there. With it being Friday, everyone was headed somewhere; it took us almost three hours to get there (should have been little over an hour). While on the way up, he stopped at a rest stop so we could use the bathroom and sample some food (chestnut cakes and mondue dumplings). The bathrooms are very interesting in Korea. They are a little bit more open than usual. Anyone can plainly see what is going on in both men’s and women’s rest rooms. There were, of course, stalls; anyone, though, ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Chungcheongnam-do » Cheonan July 26th 2007

Last Thursday, we discovered a whole new Cheonan. One of our fellow teachers, Perry, that happens to be from New Zealand decided to show us around town. We thought we had seen it all, but little did we know. After everyone had finished class, we jumped on the bus and headed over the downtown Cheonan. We were all pretty amazed because it was almost like a minature version of Times Square. Lights, people, cars, restaurants, shops, and clubs were everywhere. Our cameras were definitely in full force. There is a glitzy department store/mall called Ya-Woo-Ri, and it also has a theatre. There are so many restaurants including one devoted entirely to the mushroom. There is also an art museum that has all art displayed all along the street. There are so many shops and lots of ... read more
Downtown Cheonan
The Club Alley
Military Service

Asia » South Korea » Chungcheongnam-do » Cheonan July 25th 2007

Last night, Charity, Celestia, and I decided to have a little adventure of our own. I was sort of tired being stuck around here in the afternoons, and the girls needed to buy some stuff. After getting some helpful bus advice from our Kiwi friend & fellow teacher, we decided to venture into the Cheonan bus system and see if we could make it to Mega Mart on our own. A big feat considering we didn't know where Mega Mart is and everything is written in Korean. If you don't know about Mega Mart, let me introduce you. The best way to explain it is that its the Wal-Mart of Korea. They even have the Mega Mart greeters that bow as you enter...pretty sweet! Its probably not as massive or as big a company as Wal-Mart ... read more
On the Bus
Rice Fields
Hello Mega Mart!

Asia » South Korea » Chungcheongnam-do » Cheonan July 23rd 2007

The past couple of days have been a complete contrast with one another. On Sunday, we had nothing to do, and the time passed by so slowly. Today was a completely different story. Yesterday, we woke up early to meet with our friends, Kim and David (students at Namseoul), so we could get a tour of the campus. Poor Charity woke up around 4am because she hadn’t completely adjusted to the time difference; her room was very neat & tidy by the time I woke up. I had to wake up much earlier because I didn’t get my usual shower the night before. The lights went out early on Saturday (the lights turn off automatically at 11pm; the hot water turns off at 11:30pm...I don’t understand the time difference) so I didn’t get to have a ... read more

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