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September 13th 2013
Published: October 19th 2013
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A great day in all, however not too much to say. I had to get two tubes to get here and then walk to find the place. But it was just what I needed. A bit of nature and for some reason so far, I was loving the time I had to myself in Singapore. Walking round the initial gardens was pretty and the lake was huge.

On my walk I came across a bunch of monkeys, a big lizard, the noise of frogs and other things I just wasn't sure of. I had decided to walk the Nature Reserve which in total is about 10k. There was also a treetop walk, but waited a little to do this (after the rain had stopped and I had finished my conversation with a monkey who had joined me). After the treetop back at ground level, I bumped into a girl from the US and as we chatted walking, I only realised I was going back on myself! This annoyed me as it felt like haves been walking hours (I had) and just wanted to get out as my feet were hurting.

I found a guide in the park who showed me the quickest way out, even though the quickest way was still 2.7k. Finally hearing a road, I followed the noises and came to a car park. Yay, was I happy. I managed to find a bus stop and hopped on back to the MRT station as I was far far away.

I slept well.


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