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September 12th 2013
Published: October 19th 2013
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Today, I wake up for breakfast. The hostel has free breakfast consisting of fruit, toast with pots of peanut butter, chocolate spread, butter and kaya (coconut jam) and a cuppa. I decided I was going to head for Sentosa Island today (an island resort south of Singapore). I got the tube to Harbour Point then caught the bus into Sentosa. It was a lovely sunny day. I did not realise it was going to be like a Disney World without the Disney, including Universal Studios. But still, it was nice just wandering around.

I met a man named Ruhan from Sri Lanka as he asked me to take his photo, then got chatting and we ended up walking down to the beach together. I wanted to lose him after a while and I was getting antsy for food so he went off to look elsewhere and I escaped. I found a bar/restaurant - very expensive, so just ordered a cranberry juice (even this they put extra taxes on top). I sat on Silso beach leant against a rock drinking my juice and relaxed.

Next, I took a walk further west of the coast to Palawan beach where I found somewhere to eat. I was starving by this point. The cheapest thing on the menu, BBQ chicken wings.

The southern most point of Continental Asia was sign posted here. I walked across the suspension bridge to this point. I looked out over the sea up on a viewpoint then found a nice quiet spot to dip my feet in the waters of Palawan and relax (until a family with noisy kids came along and disturbed me).

Walking back to the main area, I came across a show just about to start. It was advertised all over Sentosa, 'Busker Street Show'. I sat down and waited for the show to begin. Two females, warming up, one stretching and the other sorting music etc. The show was pretty funny, they were dressed as geeks and one girl was bendy and flexy doing all sorts of acrobats and stunts with hoops etc.

A couple who I had met on the bus to Singapore had told me about a nice little Michelin star restaurant called Din Tai Fung in Sentosa, so wanted to check it it. Prices were reasonable so I got a seat and ordered some of their famous steamed angled gourd and shrimp dumplings with some stir fried spinach and garlic. Was very tasty.


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