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Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island March 1st 2019

Yesterday we went back to Sentosa Island. It’s quite small but also, until you get used to it, quite confusing, partly because it’s nice and jungly so you can’t exactly see where things start and finish. It’s best to do some planning in advance as individually activities are expensive, but there are ways to save a bit, like buying a pass which you can use to pay for some, or buying a bundle, like we did. Don’t go for the beach unless you are desperate. The water is murky and unless you pay for a wooden platform and parasol, there isn’t much shade. Apparently there are monkeys and monitor lizards but they must have been hiding in the jungle. We got the cable car trip, 35SGD for one round trip on the 2 lines, which kind ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island May 25th 2018

Singapore - a few days to chill out and relax which was needed. Spent time catching up with friends, managed to get a proper hair cut at last, and hung out at Marina Bay and Chinatown... lovely )... read more
St Andrews
Marina Bay

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island May 9th 2018

Woolly says – The women had woken early, and information about our days events was still not forthcoming. I’d tried the direct line of questing and had even resorted to the underhand methods of asking but the only response I was receiving was ‘You’ll have to wait and see’, I tied sulking but that seemed to have no affect either. The only snippet I had gleamed was that the bus was going to Sentosa and as we passed through the city streets I just hoped that we weren’t spending the day at a health resort. Having booked several months ago I was really hoping that the surprize would be worth the moaning that was coming from my small companion. Woolly says – I reluctantly climbed down from the transport having considered refusing to get ... read more
The set of Waterworld
Mammoth and friend
....move it.....

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island May 30th 2017

Visa runs.... visa runs.... honestly they are never ending. This time Singapore for a change to catch up with our friend Ashok.... read more

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island June 23rd 2016

When I started researching about the available attractions in Singapore, after my trip to Gardens by the Bay, I was astonished by the number of things you can do or see in Sentosa Island. There are so many that we dedicated 4 days to experience the full savour of this place. We spent most of our time exploring these sites and yet we did not complete seeing all of them. Nonetheless, we got to see a big part of the island. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old. Getting a tourist visa to Singapore is very easy. Though the government has made it a little bit difficult, a Singapore visa remains to be one of the easiest one to get in the world. There is definitely something for you in Sentosa Island. I was ... read more
Marina Bay Sands
Resort World: hotels and restaurants

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island April 18th 2016

Pour ma fête je suis allé passer la journée à Universal Studio! C'était super ;) J'ai vu la zone du film Madagascar, Shrek et Jurassic Park. Dans la zone "science fiction", j'ai fait un manège hallucinant! Vive les sensations fortes ;) Ça m'a donné le goût d'aller à la Ronde cet été avec mon cousin ou des amis. Dans la zone "New York" il y avait un spectacle de hip-hop et il m'ont choisi pour danser avec eux! Il y avait des centaines de personnes et j'ai dansé freestyle! C'était malade! Tout le monde a applaudis ;) J'ai vu les mignons dans la zone Hollywood... Trop mignon;) ... read more
Street boys et hip-hop!

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island December 17th 2015

December 17, 2015 We all slept in this morning, even Todd, the early riser. I was up at 7:45 am and the rest were up by 8:30 am. Earlier this morning when we first arrived at the flat, Michael and I visited the 24 hour grocery store to purchase breakfast items. Once everyone was up, we ate breakfast (cereal and wheat bread), were dressed and ready to set out for the day. We weren’t meeting Erv, Tim and Gayle until 11:00 am so we took advantage of this downtime to check email and stare that the water canals outside the flat. Around 10:45 am we headed down to front of the condo complex where the flat is located (ironically it is called The Caribbean) to hail a taxi. The front of the complex looks like an ... read more
Main entrance to the Singapore Aquarium - Sentosa Island
Inside the Singapore Aquarium - Sentosa Island
Inside the Singapore Aquarium - Sentosa Island

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island September 25th 2015

Today we have planned a fun day out in Sentosa, a small island off the south of Singapore. This is not about Singapore tradition, more about having fun. It is located right by the passenger cruise and freight terminal. This is also a point of travelling interest for us. We have purchased a five centre Fun Pass online, and also have tickets for the MegaZip as neither of us have done this before. The haze is quite clear today, so we have quite a clear view. They have closed all the local primary and secondary schools as the forecast for the readings this morning was not very good. Unfortunately, they have closed the cable car over to the island, so we have to take the train. As it is already getting pretty hot when we arrived ... read more
Sentosa Megazip
Sentosa bird and butterfly museum
Sentosa trick eye museum

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island August 23rd 2015

Another Singapore Stopover so time to visit something new for us – Sentosa Island. We bought train tickets for the MRT to Harbourfront station, walked through Vivo City shopping mall and then set off along the boardwalk to Sentosa. The day had the haze of yesterday hanging over the city but the lack of sun was probably a bonus. We only had to contend with the humidity. There is free entry to Sentosa but the attractions have a charge. You can ride the Cable Car, go to Universal Studios Singapore, ride the lift to the top of the Sentosa Merlion, visit Madame Tussaud's as well as many other attractions. There are many bars, restaurants, traditional hawker style foods, fast food outlets and a casino. We spent the morning walking around looking at the grounds and taking ... read more
Vicki with Sentosa background
Sentose Merlion
Universal Studios, Singapore

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island July 3rd 2015

It all started with Akshay and Ranjan planning to attend the Singapore Grand Prix (F1 race). The rest of us were indifferent towards it but wanted to go for an international trip. They had already roped in Pramod and Suhas (GP) before they asked me to join. I had never been out of India and thus, jumped at their request. Yashwanth on the other hand gave us a threshold (6 excluding him) for the number of people joining us in order to grace us with his presence. We were not able to meet his threshold by 1 person because of which he declined to join us. After booking the flight tickets, we quickly searched for hotels to stay in and found a backpacker's motel called G4 Station. It had decent enough reviews and we decided to ... read more
Marina bay Sands
Lake at Gardens by the bay

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